As a parent, trying to arrange your child’s birthday party can quickly become a minefield. Even when they have told you what they want, it usually never works out as they intended. When it comes to teens, this problem can be worse, because they don’t want a birthday party that is too childish, but you might not want one that is too grown up either. If you are struggling for ideas, then here are some examples for teen birthday parties that you can try.

Carnival Theme

Carnivals are a great place to have fun and enjoy the games and food. For your teen, it can also be a good party idea, as long as it’s set up in the right way. Firstly, you need to have lots of colorful balloons, bunting and flags to put around the garden. Having the party outside makes a lot of sense, especially when it comes time to clear up the mess. You can hire a small tent for the food and drinks and perhaps you can also have a candy stall and a popcorn stall as well. Create mini booths where you can play games and have small team events to find a winner.

Social Media Party

Social media is huge, and for teens, it is often their primary source of communication. For that reason, they will love the idea of having a social media-themed party. Let them choose what platforms they want such as Snapchat or Instagram and then make cakes and other food in that theme. You can also cut out some backgrounds for the kids to take selfies or group photos and upload them with a party hashtag. That way, other friends who couldn’t come to the birthday party can also see the fun.

Activity Parties

Not all teens are happy to have a birthday party at home, especially if the parents are there. If that’s the case with your teen, then what about an activity party at an outside venue? There are now many that you can choose from trampolining to outdoor adventure activities with tripwires and obstacles. Another option is visiting an Escape Rooms; these are great for groups, and you can let them choose what theme they want from the available rooms. They can put their minds to the test and work together to beat the clock and escape in time.

A Gig in the Garden

Teens love music and probably love going to gigs, but taking a group of teens to see a gig can become expensive. A better option is to have the gig in your garden with seats or just some bean bags and comfy cushions. For the entertainment, you can have a big screen in the garden with some streams of live band recordings, or if you are able, you can even hire some local bands to play live in the garden.

Your teens will love these ideas, and it will likely make you a cool parent to your teen’s friends as well. All you need to do now is to try and think of another idea for next year.