Blenders are among the small kitchen machines that have made the cooking experience better by making work easy and saving time. For this reason, it has become an indispensable kitchen tool. Picking the right blender for your kitchen is, however, not as easy as it may appear. There are several factors to put into consideration. For instance, you have to think about the types of foods that you often make, the power, and the brand to buy from. When it comes to the kind of blender to choose, there is the option of working with a corded one or a cordless blender. Here are the reasons why you should go for a blender with a battery and no cord.

1. They are Simple

No one wants to work with a blender that requires you to read the user manual every time you want to use it. The beauty of a cordless blender is that it is user friendly and will give you an easy time making smoothies and other drinks. They do not have tons of buttons and controls. You only power it on and blend your food. This also makes it time-efficient. But in case you do want to make sure you are using it the right way you can always visit and find all the required information there for free.

2. They are Portable

Whether you are going to the gym, the park or a picnic or traveling, you can take it with you. It is lightweight, and its design allows you to fit it in your travel bag anywhere you go. Also, since the batteries are rechargeable, you will not have to look for a power outlet to prepare your food. Provided the batteries are charged, you will only switch it on and have your favorite drink ready in a matter of minutes.

3. Less Noise

The other advantage of the cordless blender is that it produces less noise than its corded counterparts. If you tend to get irritated by the noise produced by the gadgets, then you are better off using the cordless one. More so, it is suitable for the office as you do not want to be the source of unsetting noise in such a public space.

4. Easy to Clean

Cordless blenders are easier to clean than the corded ones. Due to its simple build, you will have fewer things to worry about while cleaning it. Since it has fewer buttons and controls, you won’t worry about them getting wet and damaged. Also, you can clean it in the dishwasher, something that is tricky with the corded ones.

5. Saves on Space

The other advantage of a cordless blender is that it saves on space. Due to its compact design, you do not need a large countertop to place it. If you are living in a small apartment or have a small kitchen space, you do not want a blender that will take up all of it. A cordless battery-powered blender will be perfect.

6. It can be used During a Power Outage

The problem with a corded blender is that it is limiting. When there is an electrical outage, you will be forced to take your meals without a smoothie on the side. If you won a cordless blender, you are at an advantage. Since it uses rechargeable batteries, it will not matter whether power is out or not: you can use it regardless. The trick is to ensure that the batteries stay charged so that you can use it anywhere and anytime, or with the availability or lack of power.

7. Convenience

Battery-powered or cordless blenders also come with the benefit of convenience. Remember that they feature rechargeable batteries that are powered through a USB port. This brings about convenience in the sense that one, you can still use it even if there is a power outage. Two, you do not have to be next to a power source to make juice using a cordless blender. You can use it anywhere and even outdoors. This is what makes the cordless blender particularly suitable for picnics, traveling, and other outdoor activities. Also, since it is charged via USB, it means that you can power the batteries easily provided you can find a sport to connect your charger.

8. Healthier Results

A blender powered by batteries cannot operate the same way a corded blender works. The number of rotations per minute of a cordless blender is lower than the one for a corded one. This is the cause of the slow speed. However, the low speed is not entirely a bad thing. The lower the rate of rotation, the lower the amount of heat produced during the process. This means that your fruit juice will not be oxidized, and the nutrients will be preserved. Also, remember that despite the act that the speed is low, it does not mean it will take you more time to prepare a meal. Due to its ease of use, you might find yourself taking a shorter time to get your juice ready.

9. Versatility

A cordless blender is till able to do the job that the corded one does. The only difference is that it might do the job at a slower rate than the corded counterpart. On the bright side, you will enjoy all the benefits of having a corded blender, and at the same time, get the work done. A battery-powered blender is capable of helping with the preparation of all sorts of foods. You can use it to make juice, mix ingredients, prepare sauces, and any other job that the electric blender does.

Cordless blenders are functional and also practical. They are portable, and you have the luxury of using them anywhere you wish to. Also, they do not rely on the availability of power or a power source for it to help with the preparation of food. Provided the batteries are charged, you can count on it to help you. By getting a quality blender, you will enjoy the benefits highlighted above. Source for one that can meet your food preparation needs, and from a reliable manufacturer.