When you have no time to make hours taking desserts, you must try these five minute desserts that include Pie, Fudge, Mousse, Brownie and even Cheese Cakes. These are no less scrumptious. In fact with these recipes,  you shall definitely be able to impress friends and relatives like you slaved whole day for it. These are quick desserts with less ingredients still irresistible. Hence, save these recipes for those times when you need a last minute sweet treat. Also, for those with sweet tooth these five minute desserts are perfect to satiate their cravings any time, any day!

1. Peanut butter fudge

Peanut butter fudge it is! An easy, chewy treat! Get the recipe here.


peanut butter fudge


2. Pineapple pie

Who can resist this no bake creamilicious fruit pie! Click here to get the recipe.

five minute desserts - pineapple pie


3. Ice cream cake

Truly an incredible recipe for someone like me and the best part is it takes no time! Click here for the recipe.

ice cream cake


4. Brownie in a cup

Brownie in a cup! It can’t get better than this. Kudos to whoever discovered the instant microwave mug cakes. Get the recipe of this lip-smacking brownie here.

brownie in a cup


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5. Chocolate mousse

Bet you are gonna taste the best version of chocolate with this two ingredient (chocolate and water) recipe. Get the instructions here.

chocolate mousse


6. Five minute berry cobbler

Indeed a fruity treat! This berry cobbler takes the mug cakes to another level. Here is the recipe for you.

five minute berry cobbler


7. Five minute fudge

This Fudge is definitely a crowd-pleaser! And when it takes just few minutes, it is one of the best dessert to serve at any special occasion. Get the recipe of this five minute dessert here.

five minute fudge


8. Grilled cinnamon chocolate toast

Isn’t it a great way to satiate your hunger and sweet cravings with the same dish? Try it. Get the recipe here.

grilled cinnamon chocolate toast


9. Mint chocolate chip cookie dough dip

Addictive totes! What are you waiting for? Click for the recipe here.

mint chocolate chip cookie


10. No bake cheesecake

It doesn’t seem so but this delicious cheesecake is insanely easy and quick! Make it with just four ingredients in five minutes. Click here for the recipe.

no bake cheesecake


11. Oreo popcorn

Munching yumm oreo popcorns while enjoying your favourite flick, what else can you ask? Get the instructions to make the oreo popcorns in minutes, here.

oreo popcorn


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12. Tiramisu dip

Get all the classic flavour and decadence of a traditional tiramisu in this simple yet relishing dip. Get the recipe here.

tiramisu dip