Having good oral hygiene boosts one’s confidence in meeting with people face to face. On the other hand, poor dental health dwindles us from socializing and forces us to stay hidden than be ridiculed for having either bad breath or rotten teeth. Sounds inconvenient, right? Because how can we meet with clients or present something to our employers if we keep on covering our mouth to avoid embarrassment?

It is in this reason that we spend time and money to maintain healthy oral hygiene. We go to trusted clinics like The markhamdentalcentre.ca to get professional and excellent dental services. There is nothing wrong with allocating dental budget from our earnings because taking good care of our oral health is an investment.

We must know do’s and don’ts of dental hygiene. However, going to clinics, regular tooth brushing or frequent flossing is sometimes not enough to maintain dental health. At times, we need aid from the natural produces to support us to have a better and excellent oral hygiene. If you want to know some herbs and organic plants that we can use for dental care, take time and read ahead!

Here are Ten Herbs That We Can Use for a Natural Dental Health


A local plant from Tasmania and Australia, this evergreen tree is an excellent herb for dental care. Aside from its beneficial substance, it is also known for its pleasing and refreshing aroma that can give you an everlasting fresh breath. Furthermore, eucalyptus is an active fighter against mouth ulcers and oral infection because it produces antibacterial and antifungal properties. Hence, this herb is suitable for speeding up the process of dental healing.


You have probably heard of this plant long ago because it is widely grown in many countries and famous as an appealing food preservative. But aside from satiating your stomach, sage is also a good source of astringent compounds that tighten body tissues including gums. Thus, taking sage gives you beautiful gums and prevents you from developing gum problem like gingivitis. Also, sage is also useful in calming swollen mouth.

White Oak Bark

Similar to the legendary sage, white oak bark is also loaded with an astringent substance that tightens gum tissues. A strong jaw bone and teeth structure are also made possible through white oak bark because it has a large number of minerals in its compound. If you are suffering from severe mouth soreness brought by braces and other causes of tenderness, white oak bark is also a good remedy because it has anti-inflammatory material.


Thyme is commonly used as a dominant additive to various commercialized dental products because it has disinfectant and antiseptic properties. Thus, thyme is an effective treatment for oral infections and irritations. Also, thyme minimizes a toothache and prevents bacteria buildup in the mouth which is the usual cause of some dental problems.


Neem is a plant nurtured and originated from India. It’s whole structure, from its leaves down to its roots, is effectively usable for dental care. Neem twigs are known in preventing rotten teeth and swollen mouth. Like other herbs, neem is also recognizable to have an antibacterial property that keeps your mouth well-sanitated and fresh all day. Besides, powdered neem is natural to apply because you can mix it up with your regular toothpaste.



Yes, the cinnamon that we all love in our holiday desserts can also be used in maintaining our dental health! Aside from spicing up our sweets, cinnamon is also an excellent source of calcium which strengthens our teeth and supporting jaw bones. Moreover, it impressively battles tooth decay, odor and gum diseases when used regularly. Cinnamon is, therefore, a certified dental remedy!


Peppermint is an effective and natural freshener that soothes your mouth. It also contains antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds that prevent cavity buildup. Besides, peppermint is capable of naturally whitening your teeth. Hence, its efficiency is superb for dental health care and dental applications!


Myrrh is an ancient herb used in various medicinal purposes because it is rich in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is suitable for loosening teeth and sore mouth. Myrrh also protects the mouth from too much exposure to bacteria. Myrrh is subtly present in most mouthwash products because it can freshen your breath and prevents terrible odor.


We are all familiar with this German camomile flower as a processed tea that has high antioxidant property, but little did we know that chamomile is also an outstanding dental care herb. This flower has a high anti-inflammatory substance that fights inflamed gums and relieves oral pain. Thus, chamomile promotes healthier gum and infection-free tooth!


natural dental health turmeric


The use of turmeric for dental care was first propagated in India. In the olden days, people rub a turmeric cube to their swollen gums, and rotten teeth reduce pain and prevent bacterial growth. Today, the use of turmeric has evolved because they now make a paste out of this herb together with mustard oil and salt. Some claim that it is more useful most especially if applied twice a day.


Aside from regular dental check-up, you might want to use the natural herbs listed to prevent yourself from suffering tooth issues. Also, these herbs can be readily planted and available. All you need to have is the patience in applying and preparing them for healthier oral hygiene!