A cake is a celebration in itself that you could eat. Those creamy layers made of moist and mushy sponge that just melts in your mouth are irresistible. In the words of Mary Berry “ It’s so comforting to have a small piece of cake. Just one slice.” We all have devoured some very dreamy cake flavours so far now like Belgian Dark Chocolate, Coffee Flavour, Red Velvet, Butterscotch, Tropical Orange and some more. Although they will be always your all-time favourite, its time to relish your taste buds with something new and exotic.

This article articulates some of the rarely found, delicious cake flavours who are ready to be on the top of your list and steal your heart right away. You might have heard of it or might not but its time to put on the baking cap and start mixing in your mixer bowl to experience these heavenly delights that have made their way into hearts of many and is ready to take yours forever. Try these on, you will not be disappointed. We bet! It just takes a little nudge here and a little fudge there to create something new and at par.

1. Grand Mariner

A classic cake withholding some strong citrus flavours but adding a dash of cognac will create something that you have never tasted before. If you are not a fan of cognac, try substituting it with brandy and you will not be disappointed.

Grand Marnier

2. Pink Champagne

Prepare the cake as usual but instead of adding water to the batter, mix it with classy champagne. That’s the only secret ingredient you need! Top it off with vanilla buttercream and raspberry mouse to bring out the unparalleled flavour. This is the most enticing option among all women’s day cakes to enjoy on a special day. All the lovely women in your life will enjoy it immensely.

Dreamy Pink Champagne

3. Ginger Spice

Ginger? In a cake? A highly unlikely match but nevertheless, made in heaven for sure because it tastes so yummy! To avoid the strong flavour of ginger, you need to mix it up with maple frosting, vanilla bean icing and a small cup of strong hot chocolate. Add walnuts and bake as usual. You will never believe how tasty it will turn out! This one is perfect for chilly winter nights.

Ginger spice

4. Passion Fruit and Lime Cake

This one is for all the passion fruit lovers out there! Enjoy the tropical taste of this extravagant cake and get lost in its dreamy creamy taste. Pick a recipe for a simple vanilla cake and top it off with lime syrup and passion fruit curd, evenly mixed with passion fruit buttercream. A single bite in the mouth will take you straight to your favourite beach, a dream you never want to come out of.

passion-fruit and lime cake flavours

5. Blueberry and Coconut

We all had the decadent coconut cake and tried blueberry pie on more than one occasion. Imagine these two coming together with coconut buttercream, blueberry preserves and orange curd. If this is not what paradise food is then nothing will be!

blueberry and coconut cake flavours

6. Toffee Exotica

If you are in a relationship with toffee, then this cake is made for you. Blend a vanilla batter with finely chopped dates and then bake as usual. While the cake is still warm, spread toffee sauce over it and let it cool. You have a cake for a lifetime that you will want to devour again and again.

Toffee exotica ckae flavours

7. Cherry Blossom Treat

Fruit and floral, together in one delicious sweet treat that you just couldn’t resist! Just combine strawberry and vanilla layers with rose ganache and you have a simple yet delicate wedding cake in hand that every bride will go gaga over.

Blossom treat cake flavours

If you have any more ideas for a unique cake that could bring a new swirl in the cake world, do let us know in comments.


In this article, we covered some of the most delectable cake options for you and your loved ones. However, during the pandemic, you need to ensure that whether stepping out of your home is a good option or not. If you want to enjoy something great, while sitting in the comfort of your home, you can always take help from expert bakeries who offer cake delivery Dubai. Selecting the cake is a breeze of their website and app, and you can expect a hassle free delivery experience.