Thanksgiving 2018 will be an exciting time! But if you have not planned things beforehand it can be quite stressful. Not to worry! We have rounded up really helpful thanksgiving charts which will save you a lot of time and make your dinner prep easy and organized.

# Thanksgiving 2018 Charts #

1. A list

For the ones who are organising thanksgiving dinner for the first time!

A list

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2. Thanksgiving 2018 timeline

Go with the timeline. It will relieve half of the stress as you already know what to get done by when!

Thanksgiving timeline

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3. How much food you need

This is important. Neither too much nor too less will do. So, here is the right proportion guide for you.

How much food you need

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4. How much to serve

After all, you must ensure you have enough for everyone.

How much to serve

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5. Roasting a turkey first time

You will never want your centerpiece of the meal to be overcooked or dry. And with this chart it will never ever happen.

Roasting a turkey first time

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6. How to carve a perfect Thanksgiving 2018 turkey

This info-graphic certainly makes it easy to carve a turkey in few simple steps.

How to carve a turkey

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7. How long to thaw a turkey

If you chose a frozen turkey then how long you’re going to thaw it? Here is all the research done!

How long to thaw a turkey

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8. Turkey safety tips

Here are few Thanksgiving 2018 turkey safety tips that cover microscopic dangers to possible fryer issues.

Turkey safety

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9. Transform your leftovers

Yay! This is how you can use your leftovers.

Transform your leftovers

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10. How long to keep leftovers

Well, you must also know how long to keep the food then may it be turkey, homemade gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, potatoes and yams, casserole, pies, wines or breads!

How long to keep leftovers

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11. Pumpkin pie spice mix for Thanksgiving 2018

DIY with the home ingredients!

Pumpkin pie spice mix thanksgiving 2018

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12. Perfect your pie crust

Pie chart for perfect pie crust!

Perfect your pie thanksgiving 2018

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13. Thanksgiving pie wine pairing chart

Know what wine to serve with the dessert course with this chart.

 thanksgiving 2018 pie wine pairing chart

14. Thanksgiving 2018 table setting guide

Time to set the table! Make sure you know how to properly set the table and essential table etiquette to ensure a smooth Thanksgiving meal.

 table settting guide thanksgiving 2018

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15. How to eat like a pilgrim

Make your Thanksgiving 2018 meal a little more authentic. Eat like a pilgrim with this handy guide to traditional Thanksgiving.

How to eat like a pilgrim thanksgiving 2018

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