The best man in a girl’s life is always her dad.He is the one whom she admires the most and always wish to find a life partner who possesses the qualities same as that of her Father. Some of the great qualities that you possess is may be from him – honesty, never give up attitude, keeping that smile up; as you have grown up seeing him, learning from him. There are countless reason of which here are few, which shows how much a father loves his daughter and why he is every girl’s Superhero.

1. He wakes all night, tells stories which he is not good at, just to ensure you sleep well.

2. Even if he doesn’t know how to cook, he put all his heart to make food for you.

3. But no matter how bad you cook, he will always appreciate it.

 4. He puts in all the efforts to see that one beautiful smile on your face.

5. Since you love clicking selfies, he learns it too.


6. He always makes sure that nothing can cause you harm.

7. He pampers you the most but wants you to be strong enough.

8. He tries everything, at times silly things to become your best friend.

9. He encourages you, he knows very well how to bring the best out of you.


10. He is ready to spare time for you even if he feels exhausted after a bad day.

11. To fulfill your wish is his only wish.

12. No matter what, he will always be there for you.

13. You will always remain that lil pretty Princess for him.

And so you proudly declares –


But sometimes as grown up you may feel that he don’t understand you, say due to generation gap, or due to difference in perspective or may be he is possessive about you or may be he can’t accept this fact that you are a grown up girl now who has no time for him, it can be anything. But just give it a thought, that person has spend his 15-20 years of young age, earning hard for your better present and future. Just remember, the only thing he wishes is your happiness.