Going through a breakup can be pretty tough, especially if you or your ex had such strong feelings for each other that letting go seems to be impossible. For many relationships, a breakup means goodbye for good. However, sometimes, all the couple needs is a break period from each other to figure themselves out and things can be salvageable after all. Before you try to rekindle an old flame, it is important to know that your ex feels the same way so that you do not set yourself up for failure and heartbreak. Here are some of the most common signs that make it crystal clear your ex wants you back. 

1. They are Texting Again

After most breakups, even those that end on good terms, there is usually a period of no communication whatsoever. If your ex starts texting you again out of the blue, then it might be a sign they are looking to get back together. Texting is the most informal yet direct way of communication one can have with their ex so having your ex directly text you again is a clear sign they want you back in their life. 

2. They get Jealous

If your ex says they want to be just friends but start acting jealous when anyone shows a romantic interest in you, then this is a clear sign they want you back desperately. As seen on https://getherbackguide.com/how-to-make-your-ex-jealous/, you can even take things to the next level by making them a little jealous on purpose to see how they would respond. If they still get super jealous, even more than they used to when you were together, then you can be certain they would do anything to have you back. 

3. They are More Interested in your Life

Whether your relationship ended because of your ex’s lack of attention or any other reason, if they reconnect with you and start showing extra attention and interest in your life, it probably means they want you back. This might be in the form of texting or calling you too often or asking a lot of questions about your romantic life to see if you are still single or dating anyone. They might also seem more attentive to all the things you like and show they care a lot more than they used to before. 

4. They are Nostalgic

They Are Nostalgic

Sometimes after a breakup, you start thinking back to all the good times you had with your ex and wonder why you broke up in the first place. Chances are, your ex is probably thinking the same thing. If your ex starts getting nostalgic and brings back all your good memories together, then he or she might be looking to get back together with you. 

5. They Open Up about Past Mistakes

In most cases, relationships end because of mistakes made by both individuals. Sometimes relationships end on bad terms because one person would not own up to the mistakes they made and think it was only the other person’s fault. If your ex comes back to you showing remorse and vulnerability and starts opening up about past mistakes, then it can only mean they are wanting to get back together. 

6. They Reveal Changes and Work on Themselves

If your ex comes back to you showing radical changes to their personality and physical appearance, then it is a sign they want you back. In most cases, you would find that your ex has changed to the person you wanted them to be before the breakup. If they check all the boxes of things you wanted them to change or improve about themselves and come back revealing that change to you to show you how much they have worked on themselves, then it can only mean they are looking to sweep you off your feet again and have you in their life. 

7. They Contact Common Friends about You

Not all people would have the courage to initiate a conversation with their ex after a breakup, especially if they want the person back but are not sure how they feel. Instead, many people tend to contact common friends to see if they can cop a feel of how you might respond to them wanting to rekindle that past flame. If your ex starts going around talking about you to your close friends, then it is a crystal clear sign they are looking to get you back. 

8. They make it Clear they are Single

Your ex could come back to talk to you simply to get you jealous or show off their new lifestyle. They could even bring back communication simply to remain friends. However, if they keep on mentioning the fact that they are or have been single for the entire duration of your breakup and have always been wearing the infinity ring that you have gifted them, then it can only mean they want you back. If they ask you about your relationship status then keep on making it clear that they are single too, then they can be hinting at the fact that they want you to get back together and try things one more time. 

9. They ask to Take Another Shot

Not all people would hint they want you back after a breakup. Sometimes your ex would just straight up come and ask you if you would like to get back together and try to work on your relationship one more time. Your ex might try to convince you that things would be different this time and that they have learned from the last time that things could work out differently this time. This is a clear sign they still have strong feelings for you and would probably do anything to get you back. 

Relationships are hard work, and breakups are even more hard work. Not all relationships are meant to be, but sometimes couples break up too soon only to realize they still have strong feelings for one another and want to try their luck a second time in hopes they can make their relationship work. If your ex wants you back, they would certainly give you clear signs. So make sure you pay attention to all those signs so that you can tell if they really want you back or if they are just looking to stay friends.