Life would have been magical if everyone bought the perfect gift every time, especially for dads. Have you ever wondered why father’s day is the tiniest gift-giving holiday compared to any other occasion? There are good reasons for it.

While fathers are considered heroes to most of their daughters, girls become really confused when it comes to buying the right gift for them.

No matter how much you want to surprise, honor, or delight your dad, chances are you’ll end up spending too much, buying something silly, or feeling guilty for not giving enough thought beforehand.

Don’t worry. We’ve come to your rescue.

This article looks into some of the rules that will help you to buy the right gift for your daddy.

Rules for Buying Your Dad a Gift

Gifting your father isn’t as complicated as it sounds. However, he would never want to waste money on something that he might never use.

The following rules will help you to make both your dad and your pocket happy next time you buy something for him.

Rule 1: Buy Clothes & Accessories He Will Actually Wear

When you’re purchasing any clothes, ties, or belts for your dad, you would want him to wear it. So, don’t go for anything crazy such as a green shirt with orange polka dots or funny bow tie, that he may never wear.

You already have a good idea about what kind of clothes he loves to wear. Buy a shirt that he will proudly wear to his office or a cap he will show his friends in the next golf tournament.

Instead of going for fancy ties, you can give him a nice belt or wristwatch if you can afford it. Give him something he can wear everywhere and you can be closer to your dad all the time.

Rule 2: Focus on Useful Things

One of the best things you can do for your dad is buying him something that will upgrade his toolbox. For example, if you always see him fixing things at home or doing wood-crafting, you can buy a cordless drill for him without thinking twice.

Even if your father already has a drill that works just fine, he won’t mind having another.  Do a bit of research on which type will be useful to him. There are so many local shops and websites where you can find it at an affordable rate.

On the other hand, if your father is a grill master, buying him a set of grilling tools will be more meaningful instead of a boring apron.

Rule 3: Don’t Just Go With The Flow

You will find most of the gift shops are filled with mugs, t-shirts, caps with “World Greatest Dad” written on it. Never ever purchase them for your father.

While he is indeed the best dad to you, gifting such things will be a recipe to burden him with something he will never wear or use. Also, this concept is pretty common and doesn’t connect you with your father personally.

Instead, consider purchasing something for your dad that tells him,  you’re thinking about his interests. Such as a “Star Wars” or “Voltron” gear. Most people have their favorite Voltron pilot or a favorite character in Star Wars.

Rule 4: I Like It Doesn’t Mean I Want It

Only because your dad finds a camouflage car seat cover cool doesn’t mean he wants it for his car. Avoid purchasing useless upgrades for your car-loving father. Doing so will make him feel like he didn’t teach you how to spend money wisely.

If you really want to impress him, buy him a ticket for an automobile show or take him to a vintage car museum.  Don’t waste money on some useless sculptures or showpieces he just admired.

Rule 5: Be Thoughtful

While this is a golden rule for all kinds of gifting, this is more true when it comes to buying gifts for fathers.

Whether it’s father’s day or birthday, dads want to be appreciated and spend some quality time with their families rather than receiving some material gifts.

If you still want to give him something that will cost actual money, go to his favorite restaurants to share the special meal with him or buy him tickets for a ball game where you can accompany him.

Doing so will not only make him happy but you will also enjoy a precious father-daughter moment together.

Rule 6: Pets Can be Burden Instead of Gifts

While buying your dad a gift, make sure it doesn’t become an obligation for him. Gifting them with pets or plants is like swamping them with responsibilities they are not ready for.

However, if your dad is planning to get a pet himself, you can offer him the adoption fee or purchase a gift card for him  he can use later to buy pet foods, leash, etc.

Rule 7: Don’t Give Something That Will Tell Your dad to Fix Himself

Nobody is perfect, not even your father. And you don’t need to remind him of that when choosing a gift for him. Never opt for a fitness tracker like a Fitbit, a membership card for the gym, a nose hair trimmer, or deodorant unless he asks for it.

If you really want to buy something that will make his life better, invite him to go hiking or join camping with you. It will be an excellent option for him to be active while spending some time with you.

Final Thoughts

While most fathers are gracious when receiving gifts from their daughters, giving them something like super expensive cufflinks or flashy sunglasses might leave them thinking they didn’t teach you the value of a dollar.

Gifts don’t necessarily have to be expensive, especially when you’re buying for your loved ones. While your father loves to receive budget-busting exclusive items, he may not want them from you. Don’t make them feel guilty and concerned instead of happy when they open your gift.

As a daughter, you may have a unique and strong connection with your dad. Make sure it reflects through the gift you’re planning to give him.