While most of us are satisfied with having regular sex, others want to try something more daring. After all, new sex positions or erotic role-play are only a fraction of innovations you can bring to your bedroom.

As it turns out, people can derive sexual pleasure from a surprisingly large amount of things. Nowadays, there seems to be a porn category for literally everything: different races, grannies, fisting — you name it.

Moreover, we cannot forget the growing popularity of hentai and interactive videos. We live in times where a man can marry a hologram of an anime girl. It is a situation without precedence.

With more sexual niches being explored every day, shedding some light on the most unusual fetishes and kinks seems like a logical idea.

If you ever thought that foot fetish or bondage is weird, try to wrap your head around these five fetishes! It is time to broaden your viewing experiences. Let’s get started.


Urophilia, gold shower, urolagnia — these names describe sexual arousal of urine or urinating on sexual partners. In some cases, a person can even derive pleasure from thinking about urinating.

Interestingly, this paraphilia ranked ninth in popularity among sexual fetishes in the UK during the 2017 nationwide survey. These results suggest that many people actually enjoy playing with piss.

Additionally, when the regular urine is not enough, individuals with urophilia can turn to its synthetic replacement. After all, our bladder is not always full.

Surprisingly, synthetic urine is easily achievable. If you would like to buy fake urine, click here. Besides, if you are not a fan of urine yourself, perhaps you can use it to prank your friends?


Trichophilia, also known as hair fetish, is a partialism in which an individual sees hair arousing. It is a sexual attraction to hair taken to its extreme.

Interestingly, there is another closely-related paraphilia to it that is best described as haircut fetishism. In turn, this fetish revolves around watching others get haircuts or getting a haircut yourself.

People with this fetish can get arousal from seeing various hair types: long or short, wet or dry. Additionally, a variety of behaviors can be their source of pleasure. Seeing, touching, pulling on the hair, or cutting them are common ways to fulfill this fetish.


You probably have heard before of kleptomania — the inability to resist the urge to steal things. However, you might have never heard of a state with a very similar name.

Kleptolagnia, also known as kleptophilia, is a state in which a person derives pleasure from the act of stealing. Both little thefts and large robberies can not only give a character with kleptolagnia a rush but additionally get them aroused.


If you think that the BDSM community goes too fat, get ready for a shock. This fetish is all about witnessing disasters: plane crashes, car accidents, etc.

It is bizarre that what can make some people tremble from fear turns others into sex machines. Like in our previous example, the rush connected with the stressful situation seems so exciting for some people they get aroused by it.

This fetish can be a dangerous one and may very well result in a tragedy. In this case, you can say that “sexy” lies worryingly close to “deadly.”


In this paraphilia, an individual gets sexual arousal from amputees. Its counterpart, apotemnophilia, is even weirder, where the source of a fetish lies in being an amputee yourself!

The idea of having sex only with amputees is a very niche sex preference. As such, for a person with acrotomophilia finding a suitable partner is extremely hard.

Additionally, people with this kink can perceive the stump as a phallic object or simply like the way it looks. Either way, the stump works as the main attraction for them.

Nowadays, some ethical debates are surrounding this subject. For example, operating on a partner or amputating one’s own body part is, for some, ethically dubious. After all, as the saying goes: “my body is my temple.”

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many specific fetishes out there. Consequently, times where the sex was uncomplicated seem to be long gone.

However, with a long list of kinks, there also comes a wider variety, which is a good thing. The erotic world is only getting richer every time someone finds out what really turns them on!

Remember that both women and men alike want to satisfy their sexual needs. Nonetheless, sometimes it takes more work from them than usual. After all, finding a partner who is into a feet fetish is more manageable than finding the love of your life when you have urophilia.

Keep in mind that the way people take care of their sex fantasies is their own. Unless they are hurting someone, let them enjoy themselves in the only way they know possible.