A famous saying goes, “There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.” Most of us have experienced this. A pet makes us forget all our sorrows and stays by you no matter what you are going through.

All pets need is some love and loads of food. Take care of your pet for a while and they will dedicate their life to be your best companion for their entire lifetime. Pets become a part of our family and nurture our life, especially kids and seniors in our house.

1. Pets Make your House a Happy Place

Whether a dog or a cat, you are all cheered up when you enter the house because your pet is so happy to see you. You make a pet-friendly house so that you and your pets can chill together.

Pets are known to improve mood swings and kill your boredom. You are more productive with an elevated mood that’s caused by a pet in your house. The Best Beds for Cats and Kittens. every cat loves a long, luxurious nap, so finding the perfect cat bed is essential.

2. Pets Keep Children Away from Allergies

Science has proven that kids are 33 percent immune to allergies when raised around pets. Pets improve the immune system of the kids by keeping the surroundings equally clean and dirty at the same time.

Also, the companionship of a pet makes the children be more friendly and socially acceptable. Kids raised around pets are known to have a higher emotional quotient than kids raised without pets around.


3. Pets Keep you Active

Most pets are known to make their caretakers run around and play with them. This, in turn, works as an exercise for us adult humans. It takes the lethargy away and the reason to wake up early sounds like much fun.

Nowadays where kids are hooked onto PlayStation than running out in the park, pets work wonders to giving kids enough exercise and soak up some sun.

4. Pets Keep your Routine Intact

Cats, dogs, or even rabbits are known to wake you up at the break of dawn by either curling up and wiggling next to you or licking you up till you are on your feet.

Their routine invariably falls around your routine. You may have to adjust a little bit, it surely adds discipline to your life.


5. They Help with Depression and Relieve Stress

Pets are known to relieve depression by elevating your mood and giving a positive outlook to your existence. Looking into your pet’s eyes is known to release oxytocin, also commonly known as ‘the love hormone’.

Therapy dogs are old news now. In this modern world, we even have therapy rabbits and therapy goats. The tiny evidence of scientific data proves that we have better moods when we’re surrounded by domestic animals.

For your future, make sure you have a pet-friendly house. The pets are more than animals, they’re family members and they bring us more good than we usually imagine.

You need your own house to have a pet in your house. Most landlords or PGs in India do not allow you to keep a pet in your house. The only option for a bachelor to have a pet is to find a pet-friendly house on rent and one of the best places to find the same is NestAway. They have a collection of independent rooms in shared apartments where you could have your own pet without the hassles of annoying landlords.