One day you’re seeing all the signs that this guy likes you and the next day you’re getting signs that he’s just not interested in you. 

One day he’s happy to give you a big hug and the next day he just wants to be left alone.

You are getting mixed signals… 

How can you tell if this guy really likes you? 

Here are the 7 definitive signs that a guy loves you so that no matter how much he plays hard to get, you know he still likes you!

He Looks at You

I’m not talking about a random guy on the street that’s staring at you in a creepy way!

I’m talking about your man looking at you in a way that says “I want you,” here are some examples of that:

  1. You are just casually talking, but he’s looking deep into your eyes (in a non-awkward way) that says “I love every part of you”
  2. You are sitting together in class and he keeps on giving you looks with a slight smile
  3. He’ll wish you good morning, but you will notice a slight smile with a little wink

But why won’t he just say that he likes you? The answer’s simple: he wants to flirt with a cute girl like you!

What should you do? Flirt with him too!

He Likes to Hold You 

A guy that really loves you will find any opportunity to touch, caress or hold you, for example:

  1. You are walking on the street and he will try to hold your hand
  2. You are sitting on the bench together and he will try to put his arm around you
  3. You are watching a movie together and he will try to get your head to lean on his shoulder
  4. You are having lunch while sitting together and he will try to caress your arms
  5. You are in the park and he’ll get you on the swings to push you around
  6. You are having an especially playful time together and he will offer to give you a piggyback

The general rule is this: any time that a guy is trying to find a way to touch, caress or hold you, he loves you.

He Looks Happy to See You

Think about it this way: whenever a girl doesn’t like a guy, what type of signs do you think she’ll give him?

  1. She’ll look totally unhappy whenever he’s around 
  2. She’ll sound completely uninterested while talking to him

And the opposite is also true, when a girl likes a guy, she’ll look happy to see him and sound excited talking to him.

Guys do the same thing while dealing with girls: when a guy likes a girl he will:

  1. Have a smile,
  2. Sound a bit happier, and 
  3. Be in a better mood whenever she’s around.

These signs are simple and true, so if you aren’t seeing them you know somethings wrong with the relationship.

However, it’s always possible that he’s in a bad mood, so never jump to conclusions. Give it some time, wait to see other signs and then make your decision.

He Gives You Amazing Compliments

Any random guy will give you average compliments, for example:

  1. You look nice
  2. You’re looking great
  3. I like your dress

But a guy that really loves you, will think of personal compliments to really touch your heart, for example:

  1. Your blue dress is perfect on this sunny day!
  2. With your natural looking hair I bet you could be a model
  3. You are simply glowing today, what is your secret for looking so pretty?
  4. I just noticed it today, your eyes are magnificent! 

A guy that’s head over heels in love with you will send you many compliments like this and they will be carefully worded to make you feel extra special!

He Seems a Bit Shy around You

Here’s the scenario: he’s a confident guy with his friends and is known to be the guy that’s not scared of anything, but around you he seems a bit shy, why?

Because he really likes you and doesn’t feel comfortable being the bold guy that he usually is. Here are some examples of that:

  1. He seems to stutter while having a casual conversation
  2. He seems to talk a tad faster around you
  3. He seems scared to talk loudly and “be himself”
  4. He looks like he really wants to kiss you, but is too afraid

So what can you do in a situation like this? Well number one, just make him feel safer with you, tease him a bit and be playful.

Number two: act extra girly so that he wants to be your hero and be bold around you!

He Talks about You with his Friends

Guys will naturally talk about the girls they are dating with their friends. 

If you notice he talks about you with his friends, it’s probably because he wants to get serious with you.

But how can you know what he’s talking about with his friends, after all, he won’t do that around you!?

All you need to do is watch what his friends do around you:

  1. If they seem a bit shy around you and afraid to approach you, it’s because they all know your guy is into you
  2. If they mess with you or don’t give you any sort of attention, it’s because your guy isn’t really in love 

This sign is not as concrete as the other signs, so if you see this one by itself, don’t jump to conclusions. 

As mentioned, always wait to see the other signs and then make your decision.

He gets Jealous when other Guys Flirt with You

This last sign is the most definitive of them all: if a guy really loves you, he’ll naturally want you for himself and get annoyed if another guy tried to approach you, for example:

  1. You’re at the supermarket and a guy tries to hit on you, but your boyfriend tells him to leave
  2. Your boyfriend gets annoyed when he sees one of your guy friends being a little too flirty with you
  3. Etc.

If you see this one sign, you’ve got nothing to worry about. I can assure you that he’s seriously  interested in you!


I hope this article has been helpful for you especially if you’ve been getting mixed signals from a guy you secretly like. 

If he likes you, great.

If not, don’t worry, because there are always ways to get him to like you again!