Going through a divorce will almost always be a challenging situation, even if it is the right decision overall. Sometimes, two people just aren’t meant to be together even if everything seemed perfect in the early stages. For the most part, women are more likely to initiate a divorce than men, with a 70% higher divorce initiation rate compared to men. Therefore, it’s important to look at the most common causes of divorce in the United States, as well as around the world, to learn what may spark this trend : 

1. Marital Infidelity 

It will likely come as no surprise that marital infidelity is one of the leading causes of divorce not just in the United States but around the world. One spouse cheating on the other can lead to a large amount of emotion pain on both sides. In many cases, one partner understandably cannot move past the fact that their spouse cheated on them, and they will file for divorce. 

2. Financial Problems

The second most common cause of divorce is arguments over money. Whether it be due to poor communication regarding available funds, not having enough money, or stress resulting from current financial standpoints, financial problems can lead to marital divisions. If you are starting divorce proceedings and are worried about your financial standpoint, contact an accredited and experienced divorce lawyer who can help you secure what you’re owed in a divorce. 

3. Lack of Intimacy

Many couples accidentally allow the stresses of daily life to get in their way which results in them showing less intimacy to their partner. Whether it be day-to-day intimacy such as hugs or kisses, or more intense intimacy reserved for private spaces, a lack of intimacy can cause many people to feel undesired by their partner. When this occurs, they may seek out companionship in another person, leading to infidelity, or they may simply wish to separate from their spouse.

4. Poor Communication

Communication is everything when it comes to a relationship, which is why it is a major cause of divorce. If you are having issues with your partner, whether that be the way they are acting or something they did, speak up about it so that you can work through the problem together. An excellent way to work through your issues as a couple and improve communication is by going to Christian marriage retreats together. These retreats can help marriages improve communication, understand each other’s needs, and discover ways to meet these needs. By letting issues fester, you will only allow resentment to build up over time, which can lead to a divorce.

5. Addiction Issues

In some cases, addiction issues can put serious strain on a relationship as one partner chooses to take part in their addiction instead of showing their partner attention. If you have experienced this but don’t want to leave your partner quite yet, discuss the severity of how you’re feeling and attempt to convince them to take part in counseling for their addiction. 

6. Lack of Equality

When it comes to a marriage, one partner is not superior to the other. A marriage is about balance and being equal with your partner, but not all marriages function this way. In some cases, one partner overshadows the other and attempts to control them, which leads to a lack of equality. When this occurs, the partner being controlled tends to seek out divorce. 

7. Being Unprepared for Marriage

While the excitement of a relationship is unique and often leads a person to believe they are ready to settle down with a person, not everybody is ready for the serious commitment of marriage. To that end, being unprepared for marriage can quickly lead to a divorce. 

8. Lack of Commitment

As opposed to infidelity, a lack of general commitment to your partner is another leading cause of divorce. This refers to simple not being present for your partner, whether that be for major events in their life or simply not listening when they are speaking to you. Always make an effort to show commitment to your partner. 

9. Constant Arguing

While many of the above problems can lead to constant arguing in a relationship, arguments themselves are a major cause of divorce for most couples. Even if you believe your relationship is perfect, constant arguments over time can quickly wear you down and make the relationship seem strained. 

10. Health Problems

Finally, health problems are another serious cause of divorce around the world. Whether the health problem is chronic or sudden, an emerging health problem can overwhelm a partner and make them feel as if they need to leave. It’s important to always be there for your partner, through sickness and health, to show you are always ready to support them. 

Tips for Building a Strong Marriage

Developing a strong marriage with your partner is the best way to avoid a divorce. With over half of all divorces occurring after twenty years of marriage, it’s important to always give your marriage everything you have. The following tips can help to ensure that your marriage stays solid for years to come:

  • Communicate clearly and often with your partner, especially if you have any concerns
  • Plan for personal time so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by your partner
  • Build trust with your partner over time
  • Remind your spouse how thankful you are to have them in your life
  • Keep in mind that it’s perfectly alright to disagree on certain matters
  • Learn how to negotiate conflict with one another
  • Always show respect to each other, even when you’re upset
  • Explore different forms of intimacy with each other if things feel stale
  • Create couple rituals that you and your partner follow
  • Don’t skip out on time spent learning about yourself and your own needs

Develop your relationship today

Cultivating a long-lasting and healthy relationship with your partner doesn’t need to be a challenge. As you go through your divorce, the last thing on your mind is starting up a new relationship. However, just because your last marriage didn’t work out doesn’t mean you should shut yourself down to new opportunities in the future. Use your divorce as a learning opportunity to discover more about yourself and what you need in a marriage.