Sexual health plays a significant role in a person’s holistic well-being. Many individuals claim that having a sexually healthy lifestyle enables them to have a night of better sleep, decreased anxiety, and improved immunity. In addition, people with optimal sexual health believe that it lowers their blood pressure and makes them physically active.
Suppose you’re trying to maintain your sexual health. In that case, you may need to know some tips and tricks from sexual health experts. That way, you’d improve your sexual lifestyle and everything associated with it. For that purpose, here’s an article to guide you. So, read on!

1. Visit A Sex Expert

Talking to a sex expert can be an excellent start to understanding sexual health and knowing some ways to improve sex drive. Typically, these pros can suggest solutions based on their patients’ situations. For example, women with vaginal dryness may visit a sexual healthcare center, such as Leavitt Women’s female sexual health services, to know its causes and the need for lubricants and other solutions.

2. Practice Pelvic Exercises

One way of improving sexual health is through pelvic exercises, such as Kegel. These activities are known to relax vaginal muscles and increase vaginal lubrication. Ultimately, these benefits enhance blood circulation in the pelvic and vaginal area, making it easier to reach orgasm.
For men, pelvic exercises extend erection time because of strengthened pelvic muscles. Furthermore, they’re known to address incontinence and similar issues. Because of this, men generally experience better sexual activities.

3. Improve Sexual Stamina Through Diet

Increasing your sexual stamina contributes to improving your overall sexual health. Generally, you should have enough energy and willpower to satisfy yourself with your preferred sexual activities. This way, you may increase your libido and have more pleasurable sex. While factors that affect a person’s sexual stamina couldn’t be genuinely determined, here are some of the popular practices believed to improve it:

  • Incorporate Sex-Enhancing Food In Your Diet

Apart from the typically nutritious meals that may include fruits and veggies, this may consist of oysters and other zinc-rich kinds of seafood to improve your testosterone levels if you’re a male. And if you’re a female, you may need to take maca—a Peruvian root vegetable—known to maintain healthy estrogen levels.
Apart from these, you may also incorporate known aphrodisiacs, such as ginseng and saffron. You may also try fenugreek seeds as believed to enhance sexual interest among men and women. You may also add some chili peppers to your meals because of the known sex drive-enhancing qualities they are known to contain.

  • Try The Medical Way

Some FDA-approved pills, such as Viagra and Levitra, consistently supply blood to the penis and maintain its erection. Testing the hormonal levels is necessary for women to determine the possible causes and provide the appropriate solutions. Some of the solutions are seeking the help of medical experts before taking fluoxetine and bupropion—antidepressants known to treat low sex drive for women.

4. Have Enough Sleep

Insomnia and sleep deprivation are common causes of decreased sexual desire. You may need to sleep at least eight hours a day to address these issues. In addition, make sure that your sleeping pattern isn’t interrupted. If you have a busy work schedule, you may need to take power naps for a quick energy boost to offset the deprived sleeping time you’ve had.

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5. Get In The Mood For Sex

Improve your sexual desire by getting in the mood to do it and by doing some preparation, including the following:

  • Do Something Relaxing

You may need to take a bath or drink your favorite beverage to soothe your mood and unburden the mental baggage that may reduce your sexual desire.

  • Change The Scenery

You may have sex in places that you haven’t been into before. For this purpose, you may do your intimate activities on beaches or nearby hotels. If you’re lying down in your usual room, you may install new lights, change wall paint, or bring in some new pieces of furniture that may spike your mood for sex.

  • Try Sex Toys

Women may try clit suction toys, butt plugs, and similar items to improve arousal. Men may try masturbatory aids that could increase their sexual urge or extend their erection.

  • Try Multiple Positions

If you keep on doing the old boring sex positions, you may become uninterested and withdrawn in the long run. To avoid these, you may try different sex positions, including partner-on-top, doggy style, and side-lying styles. These may improve sexual sensation and make you enjoy your sexual activities further.

  • Invest In Foreplay

Many sexologists believe that having proper foreplay is the first big step to having an amazing orgasm. Because of this, you may need to perform oral sex or spend more time kissing, touching, and caressing.

6. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness activities can heighten your sex drive by relaxing your muscles and mind and preparing you physically, emotionally, and mentally for sex. In addition, this may improve your sexual behavior after, before, and during the act. To achieve these, you may practice the following:

  • Meditate with your partner
  • Take an eye-to-eye-contact exercise
  • Try slow sex
  • Think of sexy thoughts
  • Have a sex talk

7. Consult A Doctor

If your sexual desire still drops after trying out some of the expert tips mentioned above, you may need to consult a doctor. You may run through some tests to determine the causes of your situation. Generally, an unhealthy sex drive is caused by hormonal imbalance, alcohol and drug use, and relationship issues. To maintain excellent sexual health, you may need to fix these troubles first.

Wrapping Up

Sex experts can provide the best solutions for a person’s sexual troubles. However, these answers may not fit for all. Because of this, you may need to have an honest and authentic assessment of yourself before trying any tips given in this article.
You may try to incorporate all of the tips and tricks in this article or apply what seems to suit your needs. In addition, you can join sexual health communities to understand your case thoroughly and have an idea of what to do. Ultimately, you may need to be more open-minded, embrace your strengths and weaknesses, and have a positive outlook about sex and life.