When you go through a heart wrenching breakup nothing makes you feel good. Although music doesn’t heal your pain but in some way they do touch your soul and comfort you than anything else. Give yourself sometime, listen to the breakup song and ultimately over the time you will move on.

There are number of breakup songs from which we have selected few on our list.

1. Jaane Tu Mera kya tha [Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na]

It will make you feel nostalgic and all your journey of togetherness will come in flashes in your mind. And you may rethink your decision.


2. Tujhe Yaad Na Meri Ayi [Kuch Kuch Hota Hai]

Even those who haven’t gone through breakup had tears rolling down after listening to this soulful song.

3. Samjhavan [Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya]

The song of the year says it all. Emptiness, loneliness, never ending hope and waiting for the one inspite realizing that one would never be back.

4. Luttna [Cocktail]

A heart break song as this one completely describes a lover’s agony to lose the #love of ones life.

“Log chiraag jalatey ghee ke

Maine dil ka deep jalaaya

Log hain khaate kasam wafa ki

Main zehar hijr ka khaaya”

[Note- Hijr means seperation]



5. Bin Tere [I Hate Luv Storys]

Bin Tere strikes that chord and the pain deep down emerges with the droplets. Let them flow and you will feel light hearted.


6. Tujhe Bhula diya [Anjana Anjani]

You can’t spare from connecting to this song as the lyrics reflects your emotions that how hard you try to get away from the burnt out #relationship and wanna vanish it all from your mind and soul, you got stuck up.


7. Kuch kam [Dostana]

This is certainly one of our favourite breakup song with its heart touching lyrics. When one feels time has ceased and everything else has come to an end.

8. Mora Piya [Rajneeti]

When you have no idea how things went so wrong this song is the one you can play in a loop.



9. Galliyan [Ek Villain]

Undeniably a soul stirring song. Just listen to it. No words to express.


10. Zehnaseeb [Hasee To Phasee]

Not all breakups are harsh as in some are mutual, surrendering to circumstances or may be due to any other reasons. This song is the one to cherish the memories without any bitterness.


For once you may think that you are going in deeper but it will help your emotions out and at the end after all crying and sobbing you will feel better, lighter and stronger.