We can all remember that special feeling when growing up and your Birthday approaching, it’s right up there with the other big 3 being Christmas, Easter, & of course, school holidays. It often seems (although it shouldn’t necessarily be the case) that your birthday becomes slightly less exciting the older you get, so why not ensure you make the best of the opportunity while it’s there to let your child have some amazing memories. It is for this reason that this article is going to delve into some great ideas of your teens’ birthdays to ensure it’s a fantastic day for all involved. 

Escape Room

Escape Room

A fantastic, popular activity arising, that offers a range of unique experiences is that of the escape room trend. Not only is this option great, as it provides a highly interactive experience that encourages & rewards communication, but further it relies on logical thinking/puzzle-solving & often teamwork. An additional benefit of escape rooms is that the age range can start from young kids to adults. As this trend is becoming increasingly popular, there has been a vast selection of themed rooms popping up almost daily, ranging from Egyptian pyramid themed, Harry Potter themed, Sci-Fi themed & many, many more. You’ll have no problem finding one that your kid will love.

Archery Activities

A fun alternative to paintball is an upcoming trend of archery skirmish. If your teenager is put-off by other activities such as paintball as they don’t quite grasp the appeal of being pelted by paintballs and being left bruised & battered, or would prefer not to spend their day problem-solving their way through rooms, archery skirmish would be a great alternative. The game is designed to be pain-free & participants are equipped with all the required safety equipment.

Not only is this option great as it will allow your teen & their friends to burn-off plenty of energy, but it also rewards skill, and may even result in the discovery of a new interest in archery for them to pursue.  

Bubble Sports


Bubble Sports

Bubble sport is a creative outdoor activity that will have all kids having a ball, pun intended. It involves wearing bubble suits, which has them surrounded by an inflatable ball that allows them to run, bounce, roll and spin, all while bumping into other bubbles. It’s an excellent physical workout, it makes you feel great, all the while being a whole lot of fun!

This activity offers a range of games, ranging from soccer to ‘bubble bumping’ so you can be sure that the kids will have a great time playing multiple games. 

Scavenger Hunt

Are you someone that prefers to host parties in the safety of your own home? This is an excellent option, as it allows you to get creative yourself and design your own scavenger hunt. The advantage with this option is that you are only limited by your own imagination, so if your child has a niche interest, you can tailor design the scavenger hunt to them.

One example would be perhaps a ‘Dr. Who’ TV series-themed scavenger hunt, in which you could use a combination of trivia questions that have to be answered correctly to discover a package that includes Dr.Who themed toys & treats.  

A Sleepover

A Sleepover

This is an age-old classic and is often an excellent time for kids of all ages. Not only does it give you plenty of opportunities to tailor every aspect of the night, but it also allows you to keep the kids in a controlled & safe space. So, whether you want to do an entire dress-up & movie themed occasion or something to get the kids working together making their own pizzas and/or cupcakes, you will have no problem keeping the kids entertained with countless possibilities. A useful source for some planning recommendations can be found here

In Conclusion

We know that teenage birthday parties can sometimes be a challenge as the classic ideas of wizards & pirates won’t usually cut it, with what is currently considered to be ‘cool’ is an ever-changing trend. In the end, there is no need to worry too much as all you have to really do is to combine something your teen loves, whether it’s Harry Potter, AFL, Star Wars, or perhaps cooking, and incorporate that into the big day. If you get creative, you don’t have to necessarily spend lots of money or rent out a location to give your teen a great time. The thing about being a kid is it often doesn’t require much beyond tasty food & friends for your teenager to have fun. Good luck!