From Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, Emma Watson, Ellen DeGeneres, and even Wonder woman, all of them have one thing in common – they are strong independent women. Woman of today have come so far. From just simply being a housewife and tending to children, we are now strongly integrated into society. We work in business, hold leadership positions, sought after talent, and beam as an inspiration.

A strong independent woman is a person who believes in herself more than anyone else. Someone who is confident, can speak up, knows what she wants, and most of the time is unapologetic. We have risen from the past, where we were held back and told we can’t.

If you are reading this, then you probably belong to this rank. But if you aren’t sure here are some traits that I’m sure reflects who you are.


Not Afraid to Take Charge

You are in charge of your own life. You listen to people’s opinion, but ultimately you listen to yourself and make decisions base on your own opinion. When we say we are in charge, it means we make life decisions, act on it, accept its results and live with it. We take and believe in our own words.

Makes Decision

We are perfectly fine with making our own decision even without waiting for the thoughts of other people. We are capable of living with it and owning it. We uphold our words and in no way needy in terms of other points of view. We don’t say “where do you want to go” rather “let’s go here”.

Stands Up for Herself and Others

While people view a strong personality as someone all about strength and action, we associate a strong independent woman with empathy. Empathy and compassion comes naturally to us and we turn it to strength. Strength is a virtue of belief in other people and supporting them on their endeavor. We are not afraid to listen and feel the emotions of other people and give them advice, comfort and assistance when necessary.

We also stand up for ourselves any time we need to and are ready to face the opposition.

Enjoys Her Life

We know that life is good and we enjoy it. We enjoy it by never disregarding ourselves and prioritize self-care. We enjoy it by trying to live in the now and realizing that tomorrow has its own worries. We know how to have fun, in our own terms. We are not afraid to do what feels good and what defines happiness and enjoyment – whether it’s partying every Friday night, enjoying sangria on Saturdays, getting pampered on a Sunday or attending yoga classes after work.

Speaks Up

We share our thoughts and opinion openly, almost unapologetic. We know that oppression starts when you choose to stay quiet, but we are not outspoken, rather we speak up. We know the timing of when to give a word and make sure it is relevant, helpful and meaningful. We love talking, and are often enjoy deep intellectual conversation. Most importantly, we keep things real.

Knows How To Love

We may look and feel intimidating, but we are fragile, delicate and unassuming – for we know how to love. We know the risk of putting our hearts out and we are also aware of the kind of pain we may eventually fall into, but it can be worth it when we choose the right person. We know that love is far more that just kissing, hugging, giving gifts and saying promises. Love for us, is more about commitment, future,  vulnerability, inspiration and ultimately family.

Knows Her Purpose

We do not just do things for the sake of it. We do things because it adds value to our life, it adds meaning and fills our purpose. From education, career, love life, and even spirituality all boil down to the purpose we believe in. It is our ultimate guidance in life.