One of the best decisions you will ever make is the decision to take some time, step away from work and have a much-needed vacation. Right behind this decision is the decision of where to spend your vacation and most importantly where you are going to be staying.

With the Advent of Airbnb and other space sharing initiatives, picking a luxury Villa has become a worthy competition for hotel stays.

The key to having a great vacation is great planning and that is why you need to settle the questions before you even set out on that trip. Making it up as you go along is a terrible way to go about a vacation.

So what indices do you have to consider before picking between a Vacation rental and a Hotel? Here are a few of those.

Your Budget

A hotel is typically more expensive than a rental. So, if you are not on a very tight budget, you may prefer to invest in the added comfort of knowing that you can explore the city all you want and never have to make your own bed or clean your room for the length of the vacation by having a timeshare rental. Timeshare rentals are available all across the country, budget friendly and also packed with activities.  But if you decide to cancel your timeshare due to financial burden due to maintenance fees, you could ask for some assistance from a qualified and expert timeshare cancellation company.

You will also enjoy a 24-hour standby reception service that caters to you, plus room service! Who can resist some room service?

However, if you don’t have so much cash to throw around, an equally luxury villa can be found in your preferred location for half the price. You also get an entire house instead of a room. If you love making custom foods, this is also a great option for you. It will be a nicer version of home for you.

The duration of your vacation

Even if you have a huge budget, staying in a hotel for extended periods of say, 2 weeks to a month, might begin to put quite the strain on your purse strings. A hotel is a great choice for a few days’ vacations, but a rental villa is financially more reasonable if you are staying for an extended period.

During certain peak seasons, hotel bills rise significantly and these seasons often coincide with holiday seasons.  Rentals on the other hand often give discounts to people staying for long periods and typically will only offer the space to those who are staying a good while anyway.


If you are vacationing alone, a hotel will be way better for your sanity and not too hard financially, provided you pick one you can easily afford.

However, if you are vacationing with family or a large group of say 5 to 10, a vacation rental becomes an amazing choice because you have larger space and only slightly different prices considering the number of people. Plus, it’s just generally more fun.


Hotels provide you with all the basic amenities you need to sleep well, stay entertained and have some fun. If this is all you need then stick with it.

If you want more, then try out a rental villa. These houses typically have kitchens utensils, a washing machine, dryer, etc. These services you can do for yourself here but will have to pay for in a hotel.


This is a no-brainer, staying at hotels will either mean eating out regularly or patronizing the in-house restaurants. Both are expensive, but amazing if you can afford it

In rentals, a little home-cooked meal can protect your budget.

There you have it, so… vacation rentals or hotels? Pick wisely.