What is human growth hormone?

If you are one of those women who love being fit and stay updated to maintain themselves then you have probably heard about human growth hormone. Well, human growth hormone or commonly known as HGH is a naturally produced hormone by the pituitary gland. It is basically important for cell reproduction, cell regeneration, growth and maintenance.

When you are in your middle age, the pituitary gland starts to reduce in size and that is why the production of HGH declines. Some children and adults may have growth hormone deficiency due to other reasons. Low levels of growth hormone leads to different problems like anxiety, hair fall, fatigue, low energy levels etc. Some may find one symptom of HGH deficiency while other may have multiple symptoms. It is best to consult your doctor to know about your growth hormone levels.

Whereas, a good amount of human growth hormone is said to have a lot of benefits. The major of which includes

Enhances Muscle Strength

Studies state that HGH can improve the performance of athletics by improving physical capacity. In women, the growth hormone also increases lean body mass while decreasing her total body fat.

Good for bones

Human growth hormone improves bone density and accelerates the process of regeneration of bone. It, in general, supports the regulation of bone metabolism.

It also plays a vital role in healing the injuries and wounds greatly.

Aids Weight Loss

According to a study, growth hormone fuels up the fat burning process when combined with a restricted calorie diet. This way it aids the weight loss process and help women get results faster. Thus, losing fat becomes another reason why women opt for human growth hormone.


Now, this is the most controversial aspect of GH intake. Women always want to look young, beautiful and that’s what makes them curious to know if HGH really works wonder to let them look younger. Some studies state it has anti-aging benefits while other doesn’t agree. The research is still on, if HGH is the only one hormone which reverses the sign of aging.

Every woman wants to stay fit, look young and feel energetic. This may intrigue you for taking HGH. But there are always certain things that you must take care of. It is said to have side effects depending on many factors like overuse, unsuitable therapy or illicitly taken without doctor’s recommendation. The side effects may include fluid retention, breast enlargement, joint pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. So, it has to be taken under doctor’s prescription.

To some extent, exercising, healthy eating habits and optimizing sleep can boost HGH levels. But that’s not enough. It is advisable to take special care and consult the best doctor before taking any decision. If you are wondering, from where you can get your answers then here is a solution for you. Check out, Nexel Medical and read more about HGH here, https://www.nexelmedical.com/hgh-therapy/ . Also, you can ask your queries to the physician and know more about the HGH therapy. It is always better to know things better by the best and proceed