The ‘80s were the time when hairspray was your best friend and the volume of your hair mattered more than anything – the bigger it was the better. Perms, mullets, and shag styles are just a few examples of what was trending in the hairdressing industry back in the day.

There was never a dull moment in this period, people dressed to impress and styled their hair to stand out in the crowd. 

It looks like this trend is coming back but in a more natural and milder form. This will be a year of tamed curls, less volume, and more natural hairstyle choices. Here is a list of some of the hairstyles inspired by the vivid ’80s that can make a comeback. 


Even though bangs stopped being a trend back in 2010, the ‘80’s version of this hairstyle might become a sensation. We are no longer talking about the perfect cut and straight bangs – instead, curled or feathered out ones will take the stage! This way the volume softly frames the face adding more lightness to your appearance. 

The best part of this hairstyle is that you can easily cut it in the comfort of your own house. Remember to always make the first cut lower than you actually want the bangs to end – cutting your own hair can be tricky, and you might find yourself cutting more than intended. 

Also, keep in mind that normal scissors might damage your hair, so you’d definitely want to look into professional shears. You can check, for instance, to find some compelling options.

Feathered Hair

Feathered hairstyles are styled away from the face which naturally exposes your facial features. Usually, these types of hairstyles are created by cutting with a razor and not typical shears. 

Generally, most hairstyles with a finely textured layered style can be considered feathered. It does not matter what type of hair you have. This hairstyle works for straight, wavy, and curly hair at any length. The use of a razor creates a wispy and airy effect adding more freshness to the face. 

Some of the most popular feathered hairstyles expected to be a hit, include side-swept bangs and textured shag. In most of them, volume plays a vital role. As you layer your hair, it will most likely get bigger; you can always use a little help of hairspray to style it as you like.

What’s more, the effect lasts up to 4 months, so you can enjoy this hairstyle for a very long time. If you would like a less permanent look, you could always opt for an everyday curly girl look with Pump Haircare’s products.

The Whale Spout

This hairstyle does not require you to cut your hair, as it’s just about styling it right. With Ariana Grande being a fan of the whale spout, this hairdo is gradually becoming more and more popular. It features a half-up, half-down ponytail attached high up on the head, which creates an effect of waterfall-like hair. 

Now we can expect the lighter version of the whale sprout to become a real trend. How to make it? Start with straight hair – make a high ponytail, and don’t hesitate to use some dry shampoo for additional volume on your scalp. Try wrapping a loose strand of your hair around the hair tie for a more natural and fresh look. 

The Perm

In the ’80s, chemically treated curls were a real trend. However, today, they might look a bit fake. The present version of this hairdo is all about natural beach wave perms and more relaxed iterations of curls. 

This natural look will make your hair look healthy and voluminous. As the hairstylist will usually use soft, spongy rollers and innovative chemical solutions (without the awful smell), the process of getting your hair done is much more enjoyable than it was back in the ’80s. What’s more, the effect lasts up to 4 months, so you can enjoy this hairstyle for a very long time. 

The Bottom Line

Volume, bangs, and curls – this is what this year will be all about. We no longer strive for perfection; instead, we seek natural wavy hairstyles that can define our facial features and add some youthfulness to the look. 

As we know the ‘80s were famous for the volume. Now it will also be a crucial factor to make your hairstyle look spectacular. That is why you might want to add a little lift either with volumizing foam or by teasing. Remember to adjust your hairstyle not only to your likings but also to the condition of your hair. Some hair trends might sound tempting but there might be no point in, for instance, getting a perm when your hair is pretty damaged or even falling out. 

Take good care of your hair and don’t hesitate to experiment or add some accessories like a scrunchie or elegant barrette to spice up your outfit!