The never ending battle between fancy bottles standing on a shelf at your beloved hair salon and familiar hair care brands at a reasonable price in your closest drugstore. To buy or not to buy? That is a really good question, worth the attention. In this article we unveil all the truth about professional hair products

Quality Ingredients

The truth is, professional hair care products contain responsibly picked active ingredients that simply provide better results and are customized to fit certain needs and hair conditions. Store bought shampoos and conditioners are targeted at a wide audience and most of the time are designed to work for all types of hair providing mediocre results. Also, professional products use less harsh chemicals and more gentle but concentrated cleansers that provide you that “salon look”. 

Hairdressers Approved

Professional hair care products are professional not because they claim to be but because products are tested and approved by field professionals and perform superior results. When buying shampoo at a salon you get a guarantee that products actually work as well as you get a professional to choose the best fitting products for you personally. 

Environmental Aspect

Professional products are much safer for the environment for a variety of reasons. Firstly, products are more concentrated so they last longer and cause less waste than drugstore brands. Secondly, salon brands tend to make sure that ingredients are as natural as possible and are sourced responsibly and ethically. Furthermore, professional brands take into account their product packaging by using less plastic, offering refillable and biodegradable options. 

Long-term View

Professional hair care brands care about a health and beauty ecosystem therefore they are focused on providing long-term results. Professional hair products are created to heal and maintain healthy hair condition and growth. They contain ingredients that protect hair from negative environmental influences as sun, rain, wind or dry air. When buying professional products you are making a healthy hair investment that will definitely pay off. While drugstore brands only showcase short-term results without caring about hair condition in the future. 

Salon Look at Home

If you ever complained that it is not possible to achieve shiny, sleek, voluminous hairstyles at home and it is some kind of hairstylist and their tools magic trick you need to try professional hair care products. The store bought products you are currently using might be a reason why your locks lay flat, refuses to be shaped and lacks shine. Professional hair care products are designed to perform best results while being used by anyone and contain ingredients that show high quality results. The most important thing is to read instructions and carefully follow them to create a salon hairstyle at home. 

Now you know the magic behind professional hair care products and why they are better. It is definitely worth spending more money on quality products that contain natural ingredients, have more concentrated formulas, last longer and care to make your hair healthy and beautiful.