So many of us are in a constant search of the best smelling laundry detergent that also works for spots and leaves clothes fresh and soft. Most of the available detergents are efficient when it comes to stain removals. Many look for more, such as the ability to remove odor out of workout clothes, lack of toxic chemicals for sensitive skin or a refreshing and lost-lasting scent.

There are so many who use the same detergent for years and even further recommend it. Look into your mother’s closet. Don’t clothes smell the same way they did when you were a child or teenager? However, the same product may not adjust to your own family’s needs. So, the race begins.

We compiled a guide to help you choose the best smelling laundry detergent that also leaves your clothing and bed sheets free of stains, odors and germs or bacteria.

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The Importance of Product Reviews

Before purchasing any product, closely analyze reviews. Users and experts altogether review detergents considering all of their ups and downs. Such opinions provide you with additional information regarding the regular use of detergents or its abilities to complete difficult challenges. According to TodayBestReviews, the best smelling laundry detergent and fabric softener is the Gain Liquid Laundry Detergent with a Lavender scent.

As per customer reviews, the product stands out for having a natural and familiar smell that lasts up to two weeks. The detergent has an impressive cleaning power which adjusts to both standards and high-efficiency machines. Although its scent is intense, few customers claimed it might trigger allergies.

What Else to Consider?

Finding the best smelling laundry detergent goes two ways.

  • You look for the product which is most efficient based on your favorite scent.
  • You search for the detergent with a smell you enjoy that also handles cleaning well.

Some are already experienced in looking for detergent and already know what they don’t want regarding such a product. However, the search is mandatory, as Americans spend around $5.1 billion on laundry detergent every year, according to a study. Most buyers stick to the same brand for years and compensate a product’s inability to remove difficult stains by pretreating laundry. If you’re looking for an all-in-one detergent, your list narrows down with some products.

What else does it matter?

  • Washing machine: If you have a standard or high-efficiency machine, you will need specialized products.
  • Sensitive skin or allergies: One or more family members may have allergies or sensitive skin prone to irritations. Look for products with as few harmful chemicals as possible. Some of the most common ones are cleaning agents such as quaternium-15, NPE or LAS, stabilizers, bleaching agents, brighteners, 1,4-dioxane, phosphates or EDTA.

Before researching, look into your family’s laundry concerns. Your children may be active and often come back home with grass stains. Also, you may workout and deal with a strong odor or sweat stains that are difficult to remove.

You should also notice how often you wash laundry and if you use medium or large load machines. This determines the amount of detergent you need for a regular wash. Fabrics and materials also matter as some products are specially made to protect those specs. What laundry you also wash can help you determine whether some products are suitable.

Additional Factors to Note

Of course, quality matters first. You can determine it from product reviews and then your personal experience. When choosing, you can also consider:

  1. Your favorite smell. As obvious as this might seem, you may end up with a product that smells too intense or its scent only lasts for a few hours.
  2. Texture: Most detergents come in liquid or powder form, as well as pods. While some powder detergents may leave colored particles on laundry, other pods may not dissolve properly. Liquid products are versatile. However, it’s a personal choice that is also unique for each brand.
  3. Quantity: If you have a large family with a lot of laundries, a regular detergent might not be sufficient. Choose the cleaner based on your washing needs.
  4. Brand: You should determine whether you want a mainstream detergent that’s available anywhere or a natural alternative that keeps you away from most chemicals. See if the traits of each choice are satisfactory. For example, a chemical smell may not be preferred. Natural products usually have a subtle scent that vanishes in one day.
  5. Price: There are expensive, mid-level and discount brands. Most experts usually place expensive brands on top of user’s charts. However, each family’s budget may determine what kind of product you’re searching for.


You buy the best smelling laundry detergent for its ability to make your clothes feel fresh for longer time. Therefore, skip fabric softeners to enjoy a uniform smell longer. Also, by regularly cleaning up your washing machine, you also keep it clean and odor-free. Make sure you follow quantity instructions to protect your laundry from excessive substances that remain in the fabrics once they dry.

The best smelling laundry detergent leaves your clothes smelling clean and fresh. Using only one such product also brings a unique scent to your clothing, and it quickly becomes familiar to your loved ones. They will recognize a fresh clothing item just by looking for the smell you’ve chosen. So, research, read reviews and find the best product for your needs!