If you’re a new parent, this is how you may envision your child’s first Christmas. On Christmas morning, he/she will wake up filled with excitement. After reading a holiday classic together and decorating Christmas cookies, you will be delighted to see your child open his baby’s first Christmas present. The thing is, babies don’t exactly understand what Christmas is and won’t be able to join in with all the fun. 

Nevertheless, your little one will adore the season’s vibrant hues, glittering lights, music, and atmosphere. A few entertaining toys are great as gifts for babies, but overall, Christmas presents for babies should be a nice balance of useful, entertaining, and sweet things. Here is a list of thoughtful yet useful presents for your newborn’s first Christmas!

Personalised Baby Comforters

When you are shopping for Christmas presents for babies, there’s no shortage of ideas and items available. But if you want to get an important gift, something your baby will really use, a baby comforter is a great option. 

A young baby frequently develops an emotional bond with a comforter. Because they are soft, cuddly, and feel calming against their skin, they are comforting to them, hence the name. With time, the comforter starts to have a familiar scent, which can be beneficial for the baby, making them feel calmer and more secure. 

A wide variety of hues and patterns are available, including those that resemble adorable animals or have patterns on them. You can find a thoughtful gift that will be appreciated and welcomed by your baby by keeping an eye out for high-quality, age-appropriate comforters. To make your gift truly special and unique, some stores offer personalization options. You could add your child’s name or another significant phrase to them.

Christmas Outfit 

A cute outfit to wear on the holiday is a fun and affordable gift to give your baby. They won’t remember it, but you’ll be able to get some beautiful pictures! Most stores start selling holiday attire at the end of November, and once you start looking, we guarantee you’ll buy more than one!

An Engraved Christmas Decoration

Everyone gets into the holiday spirit by decorating the house and putting up the Christmas tree. Although there are many lovely Christmas ornaments available for purchase, having one personalized with your child’s name and the year of their first Christmas makes it even more special. This could be a personalised Christmas ply bauble, countdown to Christmas sign, Christmas tree star, or Santa stop here door hanger. You’ll be able to get out the decoration in the future and think back on that special moment when you’re decorating your home for Christmas. Maybe when your child is an adult they will keep it and use it on their own trees, continuing the tradition.


Rattles generally feature a high contrast pattern to promote eye-tracking and easy-grip fingers to encourage your child to develop grasping skills. Most of them also come with a soft teething surface for toddlers to chew on. Your baby will also love waving arms and feet in the air while listening to the noise of the rattle. 

Push Walker or Pushcart

A toy that your child can push is crucial when they first start walking and for several months after that achievement. Aside from providing fun, this kind of toy can also help them gain confidence as they learn to walk. A sturdy wooden doll stroller will also work for this purpose. There are a wide variety of options in this category, with something for every baby and every budget, ranging from a straightforward push wagon or adorable doll stroller to a sensory walker with activities, moving balls, and other features at its front.

Activity Table 

If 1-year-olds can be summed up in one word, it would be busy. To help your child spend all that energy, get him/her a table with plenty of buttons, levers, screws, and cranks to explore. The best value for your money will come from a grow-with-me table that is initially designed for sitters and can later have legs added. An activity table will keep your child entertained for hours by offering visual stimulation and hands-on fun and will also help strengthen their little legs while they are standing. 

Baby Activity Gym

A baby activity gym is one of the most versatile baby things you can get for your little one. It can not only be used in a variety of ways but it can also offer some important developmental benefits for babies such as tummy time, hand-eye coordination, sensory stimulation, visual tracking and depth perception.  

Some offer a simple, secure space for the baby to lay, look, and play while others feature lights, music, baby-safe mirrors, kick-activated pianos, tummy time pillows, and/or a variety of textured materials. From the time your child is born until they start crawling, they can be used and some babies enjoy them even beyond that stage.

Soft Baby Books

Soft baby books are more than just regular reading books. They’re sensory toys developed to stimulate your child’s senses. The book is packed with vivid and colourful imagery and interactive elements and the pages are full of different textures, peek-a-boo flaps to lift and reveal images, and sound components with their crinkle pages, squeakers, rattles, and chimes to stimulate the auditory senses as well.

These books can be read to babies at doctor’s appointments, while they are curled up in their car seat, or pretty much anywhere else. The books won’t be destroyed by babies either.


Stackers are a fantastic way to incorporate those vibrant colours, which are vital for development! Stacking cups are a parental favourite as they’re convenient to store and don’t take up much space. Toddlers tend to love them even more as they learn the fun of stacking, building, and demolishing structures with their own chubby hands. For one-year-olds, wooden or soft blocks, as well as conventional ring stackers on a pole, are all beneficial. 


The benefits of physical play are numerous, ranging from improving gross motor skills and brain function to simply exhausting children before naps. To bring the world of active play indoors and designate a special area of their room or playroom that inspires and delights, consider purchasing an indoor rocking animal or vehicle. Nowadays, you’ll find options that go far beyond the traditional horse, such as an Etsy and a ride-on motorcycle.