There is no doubt that parenthood is a wonderful experience that enriches the lives of couples. However, it can also be extremely hard work, particularly when the children are young, and you are still raising your family. For many couples, it comes as quite a shock to find that they no longer have the time for romance as parents they once had to spend with one another and enjoy some romance.

Well, you should remember that being a parent does not mean you have to give up on being romantic with one another. Yes, you are parents, but you are also still a loving couple, just as you were before the children came along. With this in mind, it is important to try to find some time and methods where you can spend quality time with one another and be romantic. In this article, we will look at a few of the ways in which you can do this.

Some Tips to Help with Romance

It is all too easy for parents to forget that they are a couple and see themselves only as parents. However, a few simple tips can help to inject some of that old romance back into your relationship so you can be a loving romantic couple as well as being great parents. So, how can you do this? Well, one of the things you should do is try to make time to spend as a couple rather than as parents, even it is only for one evening a week. A lot of married couples these days arrange date nights where they get in a babysitter, get dressed up in your finery and heels, and head out for a romantic evening such as a nice meal out or a few drinks at a cocktail bar.

If you cannot or prefer not to go out, you can be romantic at home as well. If you have younger kids, the chances are they go to bed pretty early. So, you can arrange a nice homecooked meal or even a takeaway meal, set the table with candles and soft music, enjoy a glass of wine, and sit at chat in the privacy of your own home in a romantic setting. You could even set the table outside on the patio if the weather is good. Make sure you leave smartphones and other devices out of the equation – this should be a romantic time for you both to enjoy one another’s company rather than seeing what others are up to on Facebook!

Another great way to enjoy a romantic evening at home is to snuggle up for a movie night once the kids are in bed. You can select some of your favorite movies to watch and get some snacks and drinks in to enjoy while you snuggle up on the settee. You will still be at home for the kids but at the same time, you will be enjoying some romantic ‘couple’ time.

So, if you want to enjoy a little more romance, try some of these solutions for yourself.