Welcome to the 21st century, where you’re more likely to find your significant other via a dating app than by mingling at the local nightclub. It truly sounds stranger than fiction, and in a lot of ways it is, but the truth is that most active daters are making their love connection online. Whether you have already tried online dating in the past and found that you like it, or are giving it a shot for the first time, women, in particular, should be aware of the ways in which they can best protect themselves. Success in online dating requires you to post personal pictures, your name, age, and other vital statistics for the world to see. With that in mind, you will only want to give any additional time to those who you are certain are safe, sane, and worthwhile dating prospects. Here are some tips on how to find your next prospective dating partner.

Set Ironclad ‘Dealbreakers’

After setting up a dating profile and starting to go through your matches, you can quickly become inundated with responses. There will be good looking people, successful people, and even those who are your polar opposites, and yet you still find them irresistible. Establish your boundaries, otherwise known as ‘dealbreakers’ so you spend less time with online dating prospects that simply aren’t going to go anywhere. Having established dealbreakers is important because they will prevent you from getting too close to people who you know are just not right, even if you are feeling particularly enamored by their advances.

Always tell a Friend the Important Details

Once you have found someone who passes all your initial tests and you have arranged to meet in person, tell a friend about your plans. Let your friend know when and where you are to meet your date, text them their picture, name, age, and city of residence. You can also call up a close friend while you are en route to your date, only hanging up after you have confirmed that your date is there. Lastly, give your friend an idea of when the date is scheduled to end so that they can give you a call to confirm that you are safely on your way home. This tip may come off as being a bit extreme, but all women should put their safety first when they are meeting veritable strangers for the first time.

Carve Out Part of your Budget for Dating Purposes

As the rules of dating have changed, so have traditional gender roles. Not all women are interested in dating men, and not all women make the assumption that their dates are going to pay the entire bill. Whether you insist on picking up the tab, have a habit of going Dutch, or regularly buy new clothing and accessories to wear on dates, you need to have an idea of how much you can spend each month. It can be easy for dating to take a toll on your finances if you are going out regularly or meeting up with new people at the spur of the moment. Protecting your finances is a crucial part of protecting your wellbeing, so have a budget in mind before you start going out on the town.

Look and See if Their Story Adds Up

In the online dating world, there are catfish, fibbers, con artists, and diamonds in the rough. You should check out any person you are interested in getting serious with via the online tools you have available. Make sure that your next dating prospect’s story adds up by looking at their Date of Birth Records online. After you see that their date of birth records match the information they have given you, see that other basic information such as their city of residence and place of employment is also accurate. With Public Records Reviews, active women in the dating world can check out dating prospects online without needing to meet them in person first. All you need to search for Public Records Reviews are a few key pieces of identifying information, and you can find criminal, court, and other public records in minutes.

Meet in a Public Place for the First Few Dates

No matter how much you like a new person that you plan on going on a date with, you want to arrange to meet them in person at first. Politely decline offers to be picked up from your home or place of employment if you haven’t yet met and spent a significant amount of time together. Likewise, do not accept any offers to meet a new person you are dating at their home as you won’t be sure of what you could possibly walk into. If someone you are interested in dating becomes pushy, you will quickly see the type of landmine you have proactively avoided.

Check to See What you can Find About yourself Online

As you talk to different people and share various details about yourself, it is important to realize that they too will be measuring you up. Make sure that you keep yourself safe by performing periodic searches on yourself via the web. Basic information such as your social media profiles and your current address is best reserved only for those you want to have it. So, be careful about what information you put online and consider making your social media profiles private if possible.

Online dating can be a wonderful and convenient way to find that special someone. It can also be something that you do to improve your social life and get a boost in confidence. As long as you are using online dating apps and websites responsibly, this can be a safe and rewarding activity for progressive women.