Everyone does not like to sit in one place and read a recipe, some find it easier and exciting to just watch a YouTube recipe video.  Watching someone demonstrate a recipe makes it easier for the viewer to get various ideas, or simply making the same one. Women have dominated the food media or say, the food world. But, why hasn’t anyone written about the women chefs on YouTube? Many female chefs have achieved great success on YouTube, they might be old or even new.

In this article, find some of our favourite YouTube Women Chefs and their easy and informative recipes.

1. Nisha Vora

Nisha Vora is a renowned vegan chef and cookbook author having a huge following. She is the person behind the “Rainbow Plant Life” website, which has creative and more accessible recipes. Her inspiration of following a vegan lifestyle has created huge hypes across the globe to try plant-based foods. With her vibrant and tasty creations, Nisha Vora continues making plant-based eating more inclusive and exciting for all.

Here is a Chef Nisha Vora dish for a vegan skeptic.

2. Claire Saffitz 

Celebrity pastry chef and YouTube personality Claire Saffitz recreates well-loved sweets for Gourmet Makes with great attention to detail. Her accuracy, elegance, and ability to arouse enthusiasm in her audience for baking have effectively inspired millions of people worldwide.

Here’s Chef Claire Saffitz serving up a renowned Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish.

3. Ina Garten

It’s difficult to look past the admiration of her many followers, who have dubbed her the “Barefoot Contessa.” She ought to be one of the most amazing and motivating figures in the food industry, reinventing the way that cooking should be done without sacrificing any of its exquisiteness. Her best-selling cookbooks and TV series have helped her become well-known among home chefs by highlighting ease of preparation, high-quality ingredients, and seamless entertaining. Garten has gained the affection of many people worldwide and is now an indispensable member of the culinary community.

Let’s examine the ideal chocolate cake made by Chef Ina Garten.

4. Leah Chase

Known as the “Queen of Creole Cuisine“, Leah Chase transformed New Orleans dining with her creative take on Creole cookery. In addition to producing food that people would never forget, her renowned restaurant Dooky Chase’s promoted social change and community.

This is the renowned Gumbo 101, prepared by Chef Leah Chase.

5. Nadiya Hussain

Chef Nadiya Hussain a British television personality rose to fame as the winner of The Great British Bake Off. Apart from her exceptional baking skills she has also promoted cultural diversity in the food industry and turned into a mental health awareness symbol of empowerment.

The basic chicken tikka masala recipe by Chef Nadiya Hussain is given below.

6. Tarla Dalal

Tarla Dalal is a famous Indian chef and food journalist. Tarla Dalal pioneered the promotion of vegetarianism and culinary excellence and created a lasting impact through her publications, TV presentations, and internet presence. Not only did her recipes transform home cooking, but her culinary prowess and inventive dishes have made her a household brand.

This is Tarla Dalal’s renowned Misal Pav recipe.

7. Garima Arora

Garima Arora is a pioneering chef, redefining Indian cuisine through her bold culinary approach. Her Indian restaurant, Gaa, which gained her Bangkok’s first Michelin star, brings a modern approach to these traditional Indian flavors and is one of the first Indian women to receive a Michelin star. Her culinary journey combines the best of Indian flavors with the contemporary techniques of fine dining and exposes Indian gastronomy diversity worldwide.

Here is the famous Kinilaw Khakra recipe by Chef Garima Arora.


YouTube is an invaluable tool and platform for both culinary enthusiasts and consumers, whether you’re looking for the comforting nostalgia of watching your mom cook, the friendly laughter of a buddy in the kitchen, or front row tickets to a demonstration of your favorite dish!

We hope that among the list, you will find your new favorite YouTube Women Chefs!