Many years have passed since the creation of YouTube, and a lot has changed here. But there is no denying the obvious fact – lifestyle content has been and remains one of the most viewed formats on the platform. If you want to grow your YT lifestyle channel and declare yourself as a popular American woman blogger, this is quite real. At the same time, it doesn’t matter what the main theme of your channel is – fashion, beauty, motherhood, feminism or anything else, fans of both sexes and all ages will subscribe to you if you approach the promotion wisely. 

Hundreds of similar videos are uploaded to the platform every day, but, remarkably, the main traffic is from the USA. This means that there is the most intense competition in this region, and if your goal is to win the attention of the audience and become a popular female blogger in your niche, you need to understand what methods and strategies of promotion are effective today. Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as raising a child or organizing a perfect wedding, everything is much easier, you can handle it.

In this article, we’ll share the best ways to get more views from this country and tell you how to safely and profitably buy real YouTube USA views to improve channel statistics and engagement quickly. Keep reading!

Where to start? 

Before you begin to stimulate the development of your channel in any way and attract a large number of viewers, you must complete the basic first steps on the platform. 

Identify your niche and audience.

Believe us, after a few months of promotion on the platform, you’ll be glad that you took care of it in advance. Take the time to analyze the content on the resource – look at several lifestyle blogs and determine which one is closer to you in terms of creativity. First, you can start from what has already been created by other bloggers. But don’t copy someone’s content one hundred percent, it’s enough to take the basic idea of the video or a few good editing tricks. When you start creating your own content, one way or another it will become more personalized and will showcase you as a person, which is certainly great. 

With the audience, everything is a little more complicated. Try to make an approximate portrait of your subscriber: man or woman, married or not, what he is interested in, whether he/she has children, works or not, and so on. When you understand who your target audience is, it will be twice as pleasant to move on the platform. It’s much easier to attract certain people from America than to try to reach everyone at once – that’s why you need a portrait of a potential subscriber.

Next, your goal is to create an attractive and stand out channel

As for the channel name, it’s better to choose something simple but memorable – it can be your first name, last name, pseudonym, such nicknames are remembered faster than others. 

In the description, you should not write very much, just a couple of sentences : who are you, where are you from, what kind of content do you offer

The main photo was created in order for users to remember you. As the main image, you can set a photo with you (preferably without other people, only if you don’t want to promote a family lifestyle blog or something similar), or a bright and eye-catching logo. The better the photo, the more presentable your account will look. 

Banner is another important thing in terms of channel design. Don’t skip this step, even if it seems challenging at first glance. Determine the main color solutions in your profile and create a banner based on ready-made templates (they are available on the Internet for free or for a small fee). If you wish, you can change banners every time you post a new video, or make it permanent.

These steps are really valuable and you should go through them before moving on. If everything is ready, let’s talk about promotion!

How to promote your channel in the USA? 

  • Post videos regularly

It may seem that the release schedule of your videos is something less important than anything else, but this is an erroneous opinion, to be honest. You see, the platform is oversaturated with content, there are too many bloggers today who are trying to get ahead and overtake competitors. If you take long breaks between the releases of new blogs, other bloggers will attract a large audience through regular videos, and then your path to success will become more complicated.

Ideally, it would be good to form a content plan and publish new videos according to a schedule: twice a week, once a week or less, the main idea is to do it regularly. In this case, you won’t lose your audience and will be able to expand it.

  • Invest in your  channel

It’s no secret that from time to time bloggers and entrepreneurs take the opportunity to buy additional growth incentives from the outside – there is nothing wrong or illegal in this, all services provided by nice companies are absolutely safe and cannot harm your account. The market of PR services today is huge and the variety is amazing – just think, you can buy USA views from real users and instantly improve your statistics. No bots, fakes and “dead” pages, your videos will be viewed by Americans, and such views will inevitably attract new ones. It’s a great investment, but there are a few things to keep in mind about buying : 

  • Choose a PR company wisely. Don’t trust little-known providers with low ratings. It is unlikely that they’ll be able to provide you with a really good incentive and make your channel more established and popular here. 
  • Analyze the company’s website. On the website of an excellent provider there will be information about real views and cooperation with real contractors from different parts of the world. 
  • Evaluate the quality-the price. First-class USA views can’t be very cheap. The price should be the average for the market. 

In general, that’s all you need to know. Following these tips, you’ll make a purchase safely and improve your account in an absolutely legal way. 

  • Collaborate with influencers 

Last but not least effective in 2023 – collaborations. Find one or more bloggers from your niche in the USA and offer them cooperation on mutually beneficial terms. This way you can instantly increase the number of views from America and improve the visibility of your channel as a whole. Don’t miss the opportunity to become popular now, start collaborating. We wish you success!