I love listening to podcasts, not only are their thousands of them on a multitude of topics, but they make mundane chores a lot more entertaining. Even better, in recent years we’ve experienced a surge of female podcasters.

Podcasts such as The Guilty Feminist, Nerdette, and 2 Dope Queens are only some in the rich pool of podcasts.

Although I have a decent library of podcasts I listen regularly, I find myself spending too much time whenever I want to find a new podcast done by women with a similar lifestyle. 

Furthermore, not all apps for podcast listening are created equal, so I found myself wasting a lot of time trying out different apps that either didn’t have much on the topics I am interested in or just weren’t generally user-friendly. 

But, I recently stumbled upon this list of top podcast apps and was pleasantly surprised at the great options. Great Apps for Finding New Podcasts

So, check out the list to see if there’s an app perfect for your listening pleasure but do keep reading on to learn about the tips I found in my search for the best podcast app. Keep in mind that these apps can help you no matter what podcast genre you prefer. 

Find One For Your Taste

There is a world full of topics that can be talked about in podcasts, and of course, not everyone is interested in the same topics. We may have grown up as children not interested in certain topics in the least, to later as adults, being very focused on the very same topics. So, of course, when looking for a podcast app, you’ll want to find one with a wide range of topics that you’re interested in. 

For instance, if you are interested in topics like science, education, or business, the podcast app you’re inclined to enjoy will be very different from the one if your interested topics were more centered around arts or sociology. Therefore, it’s a good idea to read reviews on apps, or even ask friends interested in the same topics as you which apps they like the best. That way, you can get information about specific apps, which will make your search faster and easier. 

But, if you enjoy other topics like biographies, real-life stories, or documentaries, then you’ll want to find an app that focuses on non-fiction. Although, if your interest is more of the non-fiction like celebrity lives and gossip, you’ll want to find another podcast entirely. 

Use Podcasts to Connect With Others 

Have you ever wondered if you’re the only one in the world that is interested in a particular niche topic? Even your friends aren’t interested in it, and you feel like a bit of an outsider? Chances are, you will find your tribe of people who are interested in the same thing online. 

See, the great thing about podcasts is that not all of them are just files to download and listen to during your commute to work or on a run. Many of them feature an interactive quality that engages users to connect, and even be apart of the content creation of the show. If you’re interested in being apart of something, not just listening, you should look into podcasts that employ this feature. 

The best way to do that is to read reviews. That way, you can find a network that you enjoy, and meet other like-minded people. You can enjoy conversations with others on topics everyone is interested in and even get new insight or recommendations. 

Start your Own With User-Friendly Apps

After a while, you may come to realize that you know a lot about a particular issue, and you might not only want to listen to podcasts but host one yourself. It is indeed a great way to have your voice heard, allow others to learn from your expertise, and engage with people all over the world. Why not give it a try? It is a very simple way to engage, and you don’t even need a paid hosting platform or website. 

There are many podcast apps out there that not only give you a platform to listen to other podcasts, but they can also help you create your own. With some, it can be as simple as creating your channel, working out your first recording, and presto, you have a podcast. 

Especially for those who don’t feel exactly tech-savvy, there are loads of apps that have a great tutorial feature, so just look into a couple of apps and see which one boasts their features as beginner-friendly. Luckily, with these helpful and extremely useful podcast apps, you don’t have to use any other technology but your phone. You can edit, record, and send out to the masses, all from your handy app and smartphone. 

In Conclusion 

Podcasts are a great way to learn more about topics that interest you, even if it’s a super niche. Female podcasts cover many different topics and there’s a little bit for everybody. 

Hopefully, this article helps you find the right app for you so you can get right into listening.