There are number of safety apps in the market after the recent growth in the rape cases. But out of these so many apps which one should you pick? Here are five apps that according to us the best apps for women to use regarding their safety concerns. These apps have some kind of distinct feature that makes them easy to use at the moment of distress.

1. SpotnSave

The SpotNSave band comes with a smart wristband that is water proof. It can be connected to your smartphone via bluetooth. You can then select 5 emergency contacts and send them information about your location.

With a normal SOS app you must have your phone in your hand to call for emergency, in case your phone is in your bag and someone grabs you, you won’t be having adequate time to get your phone, unlock it and trigger SOS.

So in such a situation, you just need to long press the button on the band to activate the functioning of the device. And when you feel it’s a red alert, you just need to tap twice on the button, the device will alert your 5 emergency contacts.

In every 2 minutes your location details will be sent to the emergency contacts, and will also alert the contacts about the low battery.

2. VithU

VithU is an emergency App that, at the click of the power button of your smartphone twice begins sending out alert messages every 2 minutes to the designated receivers whose information you have fed previously into the app, unlike the normal SOS app where you have to unlock the phone and activate the app to send the information to your guardians.

The message says “I am in danger. I need help. Please follow my location.”
The receiver will receive a link to your location every 2 minutes giving them your updated location.


3. IgoSafely

IGoSafely is a personal alarm systems that are triggered by a single action, such as unplugging your headphones or causing a hard shake or impact. When the SAA is engaged, it automatically turns your speaker volume to maximum, and emits a loud Police Siren, and records the background audio. Once triggered, the alarm can only be disabled by entering your secret disarm code. If for any reason, you enter an invalid disarm code, the app will immediately go silent, but the audio recording and emergency contact alerts will continue every 60 seconds until the correct code is entered.

4. Raksha — Women Safety Alert

This application sends location alert to emergency contacts even without switching on the app by pressing volume button. It can also dial 100 and send SMS where there is no mobile internet.


5. Being Safe

The user can use this app to inform contacts about their location which is the basic feature in all the apps with the difference that there is no limit to the number of contacts that can be alerted with this app.

Most important of all, besides the pre-added contacts, other users of this app in certain area range will also be informed.