I have been to weddings of couples who met online and fell in love. It shows online dating can and does work. However, like many other facets of virtual life, online dating scams have increased drastically. Whether you are interacting with someone who claims to be a person he/she is not or faced with a scammer who has intentions of harming you or intends to deprive you of your life savings. A 2014 Canadian news story shows the darker side of online dating.

According to the reports, Glenn Whitter was targeting victims through an online dating website with the sole intention of depriving women of their hard earned money. In fact, he successfully intimated many women to give up their entire savings. The media reported divulged Whitter was very sophisticated in his deception and has a very refined approach when it comes to targeting his victims. He used to target women based on the information they chose to self-disclose on social networking sites.

Whatever his victims’ interests were, Glenn made sure to make them his also. This enabled him to depict himself as the perfect catch for each woman he conned. He was so bold that once he took one of his victim to his apartment in Toronto. However, it turned out he was never listed as the owner of the apartment in any records. Since then Whitter is at large and has an outstanding arrest warrant. This case illustrates the issue: If you are trying online dating or engaged in an online relationship, it is important for you to be aware that the person you are connecting with might not be who he or she says they are.

As a matter of fact, lying on dating websites have become so prevalent that today we have different terms for it—catfished, pigging, ghosting, and whatnot. The good news is you can spot liar and protect yourself in the digital world. Identifying deception is one of the things humans have been doing for centuries. Using different techniques, such as detecting physiological changes, facial expression interpretation and the most recent functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). But, there is a solution that will enable you to spot liar without interpreting their facial expression or using a complex machine like a lie detector.

It’s called xnspy, a partner spying app. The monitoring app can be used to snoop on a person you deem suspicious. The extensive array of spying features will help you catch a liar. Here is how you can do this using the software.

xnspy mobile apps


1. Spot Suspicious Activities

This is happening more frequently nowadays. You come across a lover who doesn’t let you touch their cell phone. Sure, every relationship does need a level of personal space and some level of privacy, but it doesn’t mean you can’t let your partner have your phone. We are not saying you should share your passcodes, which is too extreme.

But, if a person has something to hide he/she will bluntly refuse your request to have his/her phone. This has happened to many people and they end up paying a hefty price for it. With Xnspy, you can tap into your lover’s phone without him knowing. And access his multimedia files on the device to find any raunchy photos or inexplicit content that gives birth to suspicion.

2. Discover their Lies

If you are constantly catching your potential lover in a lie, there is every reason for you to suspect their behavior. You can’t spend your life with someone you cannot trust. To uncover the truth, you need to use Xnspy that will allow you to peek at your partner’s text messages and emails. By spying on your partner’s text messages, you can easily identify if he/she lies about the stuff or not. Even if you have discovered something small and it might seem insignificant to you at the time, you shouldn’t ignore it. Because if a person lies about small things today, his lies will only grow with the course of time.   

3. Uncover Ulterior Motives

Besides spying on partner’s text messages, you can use Xnspy to view your partner’s IM chats. Predominantly, if you suspect your partner has an agenda or ulterior motives because it’s worth being aware of it. Read the content of their chats and try to figure out your partner’s true intentions.

4. Know Their Whereabouts

Track your beau with his cell phone using this spyware app. It will help you catch your other half red-handed because if that 6 O’ clock meeting at the factory is taking place at Best Western or any other hotel, you will be there to confront your partner.

5. Watch their Attitude

Of course, we all may laugh at pratfalls, but once we realize that the person is actually in pain, we strive to help. But, how can you know your online date is going to do the same? The phone surround recording feature of the spying app can come in real handy for you in this situation.

6. Don’t Get Caught Up in Love Drama

Some people get caught up in drama and crisis more than often through unfortunate coincidence. And it’s never their fault. It’s always others fault. But if you don’t want to get involved in any drama against your will, it would be best to leverage the spyware app and check with their contacts if they are spectacularly unlucky, or rather trying to stir things up.

7. Is Your Partner Proud of this Scams?

None of us are perfect, but there are some who intentionally treat other people badly. These folks don’t sympathize with victims and don’t think they have done anything wrong. Be wary of such people and use the spying app to eavesdrop on their phones calls, so you can have the proof of their sin.


8. Does He or She Move Too Often?

By setting virtual boundaries, you can trace their movement without preoccupying yourself. The fancy feature sends you an instant alert to the user every time the monitored person leaves a designated area.

Isn’t it helpful? Please let us know about your experience of using this app. Also, please comment below for any other way to spot liar in digital world.