If you aim to gain more followers during your first luxury event launch for your beauty business, consider following these Instagram-worthy ideas to attain just that. And enter the beauty market with ease!

If you want to grow your Instagram following for your beauty business, running Instagram-worthy ideas is a great way to do so. Instagram competitions are a great way to increase your following and get exposure for your account, especially for what could be the first luxury event for your brand.

Whether you supply beauty salon supplies in Mississauga or the one who runs a beauty salon, you can benefit from using Instagram’s platform, just like bus tours in Toronto would.

Of course, there are other techniques to increase your Instagram following; nonetheless, it’s one of the quickest and easiest methods. And by holding a contest on Instagram that is Instagram-worthy, you can be assured that your beauty business’s first luxury event in Toronto will be a success that everyone will remember.

1. Let participants tag their mutuals to win.

The “tag-to-win” competition concept is fun and simple to grasp.

Simply asking folks to tag a friend in the comments makes that person eligible to join the contest and win the prize.

The contest structure is a fantastic approach to increasing organic profile views.

When you send a message to someone who has been “tagged,” you increase the likelihood that they will receive it. Following that, they will check out your profile and perhaps start following you.

To identify others, users may use the “tag” function. More individuals will be attracted to the competition as a result of this. One alternative to tagging users is inviting them to follow your account instead.

2. Host a like-to-win event

To be eligible for this Instagram giveaway, you must get others to like your posts.

You may also encourage participation by requesting that people “like” your company on Facebook. This will help spread the news about your giveaway and increase its visibility.

Get more followers by making them follow your profile as a condition of entering a contest you’re hosting.

3. Host a selfie competition

People are encouraged to share their photos on social media while using your product or featuring it in the backdrop as part of a “selfie contest.”

A contest like this benefits a company’s goal to gain a following for its brand since it can be one of the most effective ways to show and educate prospective buyers on the product’s many uses. 

Create a unique hashtag and instruct participants to include it in the text of their selfie posts to increase exposure. Images submitted for this competition may be seen on Instagram by searching the corresponding hashtag.

When the contest is finished, vote for the photo you believe performed the best. Be careful to specify in the contest regulations for the selfie challenge that you intend to utilize the submitted material in the future. User-generated material is a great place to find social evidence. The material created for the competition may be used even after it has ended.

4. Host a photography competition

Multiple connections may be drawn between the picture contest and the selfie contest. The only difference is that you aren’t requesting they take selfies. They are instead free to take whatever kind of photo they choose

Like previously, you might ask for picture submissions using a custom hashtag you create. Then, you may browse Instagram with that hashtag in mind, looking for that perfect shot. Only some contests need a tangible reward for the winner. The incentive might be that you’ll highlight their work on your profile.

5. Consider a voting contest

A voting competition consists of the following steps:

You promote a particular hashtag and request that others use it in their posts. You may also ask others to tag your account in the description.

Next, your Instagram followers will look for that specific hashtag so they can cast their votes. The simplest method is to get people to vote for your picture by asking them to like the one they believe should win. Whoever’s entry receives the most “likes” is the contest winner.

Bottom Line 

You should now be able to run with the best digital marketing companies a successful Instagram competition to launch and promote what could be your first luxury event for your business. After organizing your first contest, you’ll realize how enjoyable the process can be.

You’ll find that it’s far less complicated than you anticipated. Pick a topic, set the guidelines, and develop a hashtag for the competition. More people will enter if you share the contest on many social media platforms.