Today, in the Internet age, a lot of people consider themselves as if they belong to the fourth estate.  Some blog, others write texts on social networks and share them with everyone. But books have not disappeared anywhere: they are written and read, which means that new writers regularly emerge in today’s world. 

Peculiarities of working as an essay writer 

Academic essay writers are easy to find if there is internet connection and a computer available. Thus, in case you were looking for an essay writer for hire, or it is you who wants to be an expert writer whose essay or any other type of paper looks professional, all you have to do is practice and while you are practicing, service can be very much in handy.  

Writing skill is a set of specific skills that can be mastered by practicing writing, improving your speech, and studying the rapid structure of works. Today, this profession seems surprising to many. 

The main feature of a good writer is the ability to create his own world and make the reader believe in it. At the same time, the author must have his own unique style. He thinks through the plot, works out the character and behavior of each character. With the help of correctly chosen words, the writer recreates images in the reader’s imagination, forcing him to fantasize, experience emotions along with the character.

As a rule, writers are freelancers. They can work from home whenever they want. But now it is extremely difficult to make money on books and not every writer succeeds, so many consider it as a hobby and mix it with their main job. 

What does a writer need to write books

A writing career is more of a calling than a specialty, so making money is not so easy. In addition, your writing skills need to be constantly improved. So, what does a writer need to write books?

  • Choose a genre and a style. To write a book, the writer needs to decide what exactly s/he wants to write. A correctly chosen genre is a 100% hit in the target audience. Most authors believe that by working with only one genre, they lose many potential readers. But it is better to choose one genre and improve in it than to try to create a universal book “for everyone”.
  • Hire a book writing coachStarting out as a writer can be overwhelming. You might have read multiple sources on what to do and it might bombard you with a lot of information. Another challenge as well if you decided to publish your book. Hence, having a book-writing coach is vital in this journey so that there’s someone who will guide you along the way.
  • Make at least 20 attempts. Every aspiring academic writer faces one problem, such as maintaining their “unique” view of the world. To succeed in your work, you need to have a good understanding of what is interesting to a potential reader and a customer. This is the key to success and originality of the work. A writer needs to constantly write, a lot and about everything, but at the same time try to maintain a fresh look at literature.
  • Listen to the views of others. An aspiring writer must submit his (her) work to the editor and close people for study. Do not be afraid of criticism. On the contrary, if you receive constructive criticism, you should listen to it. The author needs to take into account the opinions of both potential readers and people with professional and life experience. The editor’s advice will be very useful. Indeed, more often a novice writer brings him a completely raw work with a large number of errors. His task is to improve on the points, create a competent and easy text. In many ways, the ultimate success of the book depends on these results.
  • Listen to yourself. The success of an aspiring writer depends on how well s/he can bring the reader to the center of events. Your success means success of the book. Popularity is about talent as well as about rework. Becoming a writer is very difficult. Unfortunately, diligence and the desire to write do not always coincide with a person’s talent. But if you make every effort, read a lot, write a lot, try different genres, then the chance of success increases. Listen to your inner voice.

How to become a good writer and make money from it

How to become a good writer is one thing, quite another to start making money being a writer. In order to earn money, your books should be selling well. One of the main ways is to publish a book. It is very difficult to make money on the first book – even if it is accepted by the publishing house, then most likely it will be printed in a minimum print run. You can try to publish your works online. There are many self-published platforms where you can get your first readers. There is a chance that after you get your first fans you will see your mistakes, but maybe you will really make sure that this is your calling.

Literary figures often arrange meetings with readers where they read their books, do some book signings, and talk to their readers. Aspiring writers do it for free, while more famous writers sell tickets. Also, writers make money by selling subscriptions to their books, selling digital copies, and film rights (if the book is filmed). There are many ways to make money, but they only apply to popular writers who have their own audience. Therefore, first – books and readers, and only then earnings.

How to Become a Writer: An Inspiring Example by JK Rowling

“Do what you like and you’ll never have to work.” How to become a writer if you have no experience? The first thing that will help us is to be inspired by popular stories of personalities and partially learn from their experience. For example, the popular British writer JK Rowling. The idea of ​​a young wizard had been around long before she started writing her first book. And she had inspiration after 7 years of experience and a difficult period in her life.

This gave her an idea to start expressing her thoughts on paper – she had neither money nor experience, but she had a small child in her arms and a great desire to write a book. Today, JK Rowling is the most popular and highly paid British writer, as well as a director and screenwriter. And her Harry Potter series has become the favorite series of millions of people.

Being a writer – tiresome work or rare moments of inspiration?

How do you imagine the work of a writer – a rush of inspiration, a creative impulse? But everything is not so simple. The author has to work on the book every day, and often for this you need to use special techniques. Every writer has their own ways of getting themselves to work when there is no inspiration.

For example, Haruki Murakami spends 6 hours a day writing every day, does sports and almost doesn’t communicate with people. Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King, and almost every writer, has developed his skills to maintain efficiency over the years. If a writer is a professional, to wait for an inspiration or a muse to come is not an option. 

Most important of all is that to be a writer, you have to be passionate about the process of writing, to be in love with your characters. Decide on what you want to write about, what inspires you, expands your horizons. Never start writing for money, it’s a waste of time. Be ready to make changes to your work if the editor requires it. And if you need another aspiring example, essay writers from for hire are a good choice.