Online businesses or e-commerce have been improving day by day. They are primarily growing through social media pages. Instagram has also provided one of the best social media platforms for selling things nowadays. Novel entrepreneurs and young consumers particularly rely on Instagram for starting their businesses. They attract an audience by showing their products. They ensure the best quality products. This is because Instagram is used by millions of people and they are conscious about good/bad products.

Just as we see it, Instagram is not that easy to grow a business. It is neither as simple as posting a picture or video of the object that we want to sell nor is it similar to an online marketplace. A proper strategy is needed to increase your customers. Also, you have to follow proper techniques to convert your followers into fans.

We’ll show you in the next steps how selling on Instagram looks like.

No exact rules and regulations can be followed to sell products on Instagram, but strategies can be adopted. They will help you in targeting the right audience. The first step to attracting an audience is by improving the quality of your products.

Following are some of the strategies to increase your brand sales on Instagram.

Photos of the products

A real picture of the product should be posted on Instagram. Also, ensure the picture is an exact or close enough representation of the product. Slight variations in colour or size may be disreputable for your brand. This is because, according to research, 60% of the users rely upon the product’s photos.  This will make e-commerce similar to window shopping for them.

Another way of doing this is to post a link of your webpage to your product on your Instagram bio. Your customer can easily click on that link to reach your webpage for accessing promotion links and further information about the product.

Another way of selling products on Instagram is by posting stories about your products. Story-specific brands on Instagram come up with creative, eye-catching and interesting designs. They don’t simply depend upon media posts but excel at making brief and comprehensive content to be posted as Instagram Stories. But to use this feature, you have to collect a minimum of 10,000 followers on Instagram.

User-generated content

The content posted about the products should focus on the customers’ feedback. The customers should be allowed to review the product and post pictures of the products that they received. This can be done through the use of hashtags of the brand which encourage customers to share their latest purchases.

Stay brand focused

Instagram is unique and distinct from its counterpart social media platforms. It allows you to post eye-catching and stunning images of the products. It helps you edit an image and create stories to catch the attention of the customers. You can crop the photo and make it product-specific by avoiding distractions. All the posts and stories should be brand-centric, or else the customers may lose focus. You can also create attractive Instagram Reels by accumulating your posts and stories about the product so that customers can watch them in a video and know more about it.

Tagging shoppable posts

Instagram has released a feature where one can directly buy products without going to the web pages of the brands. Customers can directly browse the products from the Instagram Shopping button. It also allows the customers to check out directly on Instagram without going to any other web page. It boosts your brand’s productivity.

Partnership with influencers

One of the best ways to make your brand famous is to partner with influencers with the most followers. Those influencers will highlight your products and mention you in their posts or stories. This will automatically entice customers to share more about the products.

Using Instagram ads

Creating and using ads on Instagram for your brand would give you plus points in the competitive environment of Instagram shopping. Through Instagram, you can manage how much you want to spend on the ad or for how long you want them to run and where. This is made possible through a plethora of targeting options that are offered by Instagram. These ads can be created by clicking on the ‘promote’ button on the post that you want to share.

Creating stories with links to the products

Instagram allows you to attach the web links of your brand into the Instagram stories. You can make a video or image of the product and attach the product’s webpage link in the same story so that customers can directly go to it. This helps them access more information about the product from the web page. Also, on the web page, they can find more related products. Your customers can see the link by using the ‘swipe’ option at the bottom of the story.

Instagram-only promotions

You can direct your customers from your brand’s other social media pages to Instagram. This can be done by promoting a special discount code for your followers on your Instagram page. They will directly browse your products on your Instagram page in order to avail the discount and other promotions.

Instagram Shopping Features

Instagram’s shopping features allow you to make it easier for customers to purchase your products and services by linking products to your posts, adding a shop tab to your profile, and tagging products in your stories. In this way, instagram followers will be able to buy products with just a few clicks of their fingers.  

Use your brand hashtag

To enhance business, you have to excel in the art of using Instagram hashtags. This displays your brand before millions of Instagram users. Don’t use too many hashtags as that would look spammy and lower the impact of the product. Only a handful of topical, popular and fun hashtags should be used. This will make your posts engaging. Targeting a specific audience is better than using generic hashtags.


Instagram for business has achieved recognition and attracted many clients as of today. It has been a helpful social media platform for young entrepreneurs who initiated their businesses and turned them into successful ones. One should be able to play tactically and skillfully to ensure an increase in the number of customers and boost product sales.