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It is nothing new or unusual that social media platforms are very important in building a company’s brand. What becomes the problem for companies is that they can’t always be active on social media.  The frequent postings about the products and services, and interacting with the customer base are quite puzzling, especially when there is no helping hand available. It is very time-consuming too. For one person to handle all the departments is not possible, in that way focus will not be constant and distractions will harm the business. Therefore, companies ask us to give them a balance and here we introduce, Hootsuite. 

What Is Hootsuite And How Does It Roll?

Among many tools, Hootsuite is referred to as the most used tool for a ‘social media management system’. It tracks and manages several social media networks all at once. Hootsuite monitors the reviews of people given to the brand and lets the company respond immediately. Views can be streamed from several networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and follow up with posts and updates directly.  There are a lot of networks that businesses have to manage, and it becomes somewhat tiring after a while, that’s when Hootsuite the social media management tool comes as a savior. Hootsuite and other tools are now relied on by many companies. Hootsuite was introduced back in 2008 by the hand of Invoke Media. Since then Hootsuite has given its appreciated service and surprised the companies with its imposing line-up features.

Here are some features of Hootsuite that are used in managing online businesses and online marketing.

Hootsuite Monitors Several Streams

The most impressive feature of Hootsuite is that it manages many yet all different networks. The current social media pages, that Hootsuite manages are:

  1. Instagram pages
  2. Twitter pages
  3. Linkedin pages
  4. Facebook pages 
  5. WordPress blogs

Via  third party it manages

  1. Vimeo
  2. Mailchimp
  3. Evernote 
  4. Slide share 
  5. Tumbler 

 More than one network can be added, which seems useful while managing several Facebook pages and Twitter channels. Posting in multiple channels at the same time can also be done smoothly.

The companies are serious about the audiences they have on every single network. Since Twitter allows only 280 characters to write a post and Facebook does not have a word limit, rather it allows photos and videos to stick with it, therefore the fans and followers will vary. Even though Hootsuite is the most used social media management tool, it still has some clunks, with updates as well. 

Hootsuite’s Team Managing The Social Media Empire

Hootsuite consigns responses to several team members. If there are 30 mentions the company gets in one day, the administrator can assign every single one to a different team member.  So, when they log in, they will know the tasks that are assigned to them for the day and not make the mistake of replying to an already replied status. Another appreciable feature Hootsuite provides is that team members can interact with each other through private messages. It works mostly when any member is working from home. Hootsuite can become expensive for small businesses because the pro account costs 129 dollars per month with 3 users only. Extra team members become expensive. 

Hootsuite Manages Customer Service On Twitter

If it’s about the social presence that is to manage the customer service on Twitter, Hootsuite is probably the best choice. Utility companies and mobile networks adore Hootsuite. It delegates messages by customers to different team members and this whole process is done by the administrator. Hootsuite also stores draft messages, to send when the company site gets asked the same thing many times like directions and open and close time.

Hootsuite Sends Free Reports Via Email

The weekly analytics reports by Hootsuite are very helpful if you only use Hootsuite for social networks. Hootsuite sends an email to the companies who are using it, in the form of a pdf attachment that has the companies’ click summaries. It helps to track the third party.

It shows a graph of things like

  1. Top referrers 
  2. Number of clicks each day
  3. Geographical information of people who are visiting the site.
  4. The most popular links.

This information is given with no money in return. It also helps the company to see the position they are standing on in the present week.

Other tools like Hootsuite that are used for social media management do not give a thorough result of the click-throughs.

Hootsuite Connects Services Together 

The most appealing thing about Hootsuite is that it supports all numbers of networks and apps. Hootsuite posts a fast update, for example on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. 

It is very useful because if the company wants to send a message out to customers in an emergency, it works. This feature is a huge time-saver and also posts stuff on several networks with ease. 

hootsuite server design


There you go with 5 features of Hootsuite features that help an online business in its journey. No one can become ‘jack of all trades’, everybody needs help when handling everything alone. In the business world, Hootsuite and tools like Hootsuite help a lot of companies to be successful and stay focused. It helps people work in teams and the teamwork, later on, brings fruits to the company.

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