Employees are an essential resource in any company because they pour their skills, creativity, experience, talents, personalities, and intuition into achieving organizational goals. Therefore, having company policies that keep employee morale elevated is prudent for employers.

Low morale creates a toxic work environment because it causes irritability leading to conflict, insubordination, absenteeism, and a dip in productivity. The above factors cause a high turnover rate because employees become more open to lateral job changes. 

However, gifting your employees with job perks will keep them happy, motivated, productive, and loyal. Therefore, below are thoughtful gift ideas to show that you care.

1. Branded Corporate Merchandise

The US corporate gifting industry is a multi-billion industry, with statistics estimating its value at $242 billion. Unfortunately, most employers preserve their branded corporate merchandise to gift to prospective clients and customers while forgetting the employees who toil for the company.

Gifting your employees with branded company merchandise creates an emotional attachment to your brand and helps reinforce company values. Moreover, branded corporate gifts for employees do not have to be complicated or expensive. 

For instance, the simple act of gifting your employees the best reflection journal can promote a culture of retrospection and help employees improve individual behavior for the company’s good. Second, branded corporate merchandise also creates a sense of unity in the workplace.

However, your primary goal in gifting your employees with branded corporate merchandise should not be self-promotion. Therefore, you should manage to toe the line between usefulness, personalization, productivity, and fun.

For instance, corporate apparel featuring the company logo on the front and an employee’s name and best attribute on the back is personalized, fun, and valuable. Also, A branded reusable water bottle creates a sense of belonging but helps individual employees stay hydrated at the workplace. 

The list of corporate employee gifts that enhance productivity yet have a personalized element is endless. Therefore, have an employee gifting policy that allows you to get creative with branded merchandise for employees. Such a policy helps reignite and reorient your employees’ passion and energy.

2. Gift Cards And Vouchers

Personalizing gifts for your employees can be expensive, especially for large corporations with thousands of employees. However, gift cards and vouchers are thoughtful employee gifts due to their flexibility.

With gift cards and vouchers, employers can make desired purchases. Moreover, they can decide the ideal time of the year to redeem the gift card. Third, an employee can also transfer the gift card to a close friend or family member if they so wish.

Gift cards and vouchers are also suitable business expenditures because they are inexpensive. Bulk gift cards and voucher purchases cost substantially less than the sum of each gift card’s face value amount.

However, it helps to know employee preferences when choosing gift card options as this allows them to visit their favorite retail store or eatery. Second, personalize the accompanying message on offline gift cards and emails for online vouchers to make the gift thoughtful.

3. A Themed Assorted Gift Box

Themed assorted gift boxes go a long way in making employees feel valued. You can customize the theme to suit a specific event like a promotion, a birthday, women’s day for your female employees, or father’s day.

Moreover, the themed assorted gift box items do not have to have your brand logo, meaning you have unlimited room for creativity and fun. You can decide to go for personal items that your employees can enjoy away from work, like a self-care package, or a workplace-friendly gift set, like a desk gift set to help organize workstations.

Assorted gift boxes also allow personalization as you can buy gifts according to individual interests. Moreover, they apply to the employees stationed in the office and to remote workers.

4. A Meal Kit

Employees spend the better part of their day at work, leaving little room for meal preparation when they get back home. Consequently, some employees end up eating unhealthy fast foods that require no preparation. 

According to one expert review, fast foods packed with sodium, sugar, and saturated fats impede cognitive function. Sugary foods are an unsustainable energy source, while fatty foods reduce the oxygen supply to the brain as the body works harder to digest them. Therefore, a poor fast-food diet can cause inconsistency in employee performance.

However, gifting your employees with a meal kit can help them eat healthy food without putting too much effort into meal planning and prep. Moreover, the positive physical and mental changes they may experience while eating healthy food from DIY meal kit ingredients can motivate them to maintain a healthy diet.

5. A Break

US labor laws offer neither federally mandated coffee and lunch breaks nor federally mandated vacation days. Unfortunately, some employers take advantage of this loophole to take the shortest beaks out of employee paychecks. Moreover, other employees nurture a toxic “vacation shaming” culture where employee contacts include paid vacation days, yet they fear being ostracized for utilizing vacation days.

Breaks are essential at the workplace, and one study shows that skipping breaks leads to burnout and elevates stress levels which are bad for morale. Therefore, scheduling good coffee and lunch breaks can help boost employee morale. Moreover, you can gift employees an afternoon or even a day off to rejuvenate, especially after labor-intensive projects.


While employees are grateful for their jobs, recognizing their contribution makes them feel valued and indebted to your brand. Therefore, make gifting employees a regular activity to keep workplace morale high.