Instagram Stories have established its potential in promoting your brand most effectively. Instagram stories enable you to attract the attention of the target customers, and as these resources never pile up in your main feed, managing the stories is never a big deal. After you post a story, it will stay active for the next 24 hours. Further, after a recent update, users can now save these stories so that they can reuse the resources time after time. According to FameMass, today, more than 75% of the business users on this platform are using this feature.. As such, if you are not walking along the same line, you are simply not complying with the demand of the time. So, if you are yet to make videos for Instagram, you require doing that right now!! 

As you will find a plethora of video editors, creating a unique story on Instagram is not a big deal. Nevertheless, remember that the domain is highly competitive. As such, you need a suitable strategy in this regard. This will guide you about the type of stories to use on Instagram as well as guide you about making the best use of these stories. Paragraphs below shall explain the main points in that regard. 

1. Your Stories must Offer Something Unique

The platform is loaded with stories from an innumerable brand, coming up with different kinds of offers. As such, the target audience is not interested in some new offers, unless that comes unique and exclusive. The moment your stories come up with one such offer, and you set the right target, you will find the audience considering these schemes. As such, don’t just go about any offer you feel like. Rather, come up with something that the viewers are not getting elsewhere. This requires you to analyze the specific needs and likings of your target audience as well as keeping an eye on your closest competitors. Considering these aspects, you can certainly develop an offer that is not available elsewhere. Such offers will certainly keep you within the attention and focus of the target customers. 

2. Encourage your Followers to Come Forward

Your fans and followers do a wonderful job of promoting your brand on social media. They do this, even without knowing that they are making some serious contribution to the consolidation of your brand. So, who does not recognize and honor them for their contributions? You can do that in the most impacting manner with the Instagram stories. For instance, you can identify some of your diehard fans and followers, and you can create stories that feature them. For example, the story can include your fans, speaking how your products and services benefit them, or why they prefer you over your competitors. Such stories will establish the point that you care for your fans and followers, and you recognize their contributions most seriously. Such stories will surely boost the extent of engagement between your brand and your fans. 

3. Your Stories Need to Push the Traffic to your Website

Why not use the Instagram stories for driving more traffic to your site? Yes. It is possible to drive the viewers to check your website. For instance, you can use a call to action phrase in the stories, inviting the viewers to check out your business website. You may also buy story likes to generate more traffic to your page. On the other hand, you must own a robust website with a compelling Home page and Landing page.

Most importantly, your website should serve such information to the traffic that will offer them some significant value. The best part is that Instagram has a mechanism for driving the fans and followers to your business website. Make sure that you are making proper use of this mechanism that will keep pushing visitors to your page on an ongoing basis. It is for this mechanism to direct the viewers to the business website that Instagram is one of the most popular and most reliable digital marketing platforms these days. 

4. Your Stories need to Revolve Around your Products and Services

Though the topic of the Instagram Stories can be anything that revolves around your business process, however, you should focus it on your products and services. Customers follow a business brand on social media sites to find the products and services that are looking for. As such, when they will go through your stories, they will look forward to getting the most relevant solution to their specific choices and needs. Unless your stories match to this point, you will start losing their attention and focus. On the other hand, if you can meet their expectations, it will automatically boost the extent of their engagement with your brand. The best online ad maker enables you to create the best promo videos for your products and services in a completely hassle-free manner. 

5. Engage Influencers to Endorse your Brand

Engaging the social media Influencers is the easiest yet the most effective way to connect with your target customers, especially the younger folks. These Influencers can be engaged to post content that speaks about your business as well as your products and services. Contrary to the mechanism of sharing the log-in information for your account with the Influencers to post such content, as observed in some other social networking sites, here, you can post a video that features the Influencer, speaking to your target audience. This way, you can have a strong impact on the minds of your target audience, without compromising with the safety and privacy of your account. 

Besides, you can entice the target audience by posting shorter clips of the original, lengthy content. They will surely appreciate finding such engaging content as it addresses some of their specific needs and requirements. 

All of your closest competitors are playing with the tricks and tips suggested above, and as such, you cannot afford to be different in this regard. Instead, working on these plans in the right manner will enable you to gain the best engagement with your target audience, making them all the more loyal to your brand.