Wireless Networking

Organizations like hotels, universities, hospitals, shopping malls, airports all rely heavily on wireless networks to run their day to day functions. An efficient enterprise network can be sophisticated and saves a company money and valuable time. These implementations require the skills of specialists who have had exposure to the latest advanced in the networking industry.

These skills related to recent innovations can be proved by different credentials. One of the most popular vendors in the sphere is Cisco which also creates and provides networking solutions. Their certifications play a huge role when hiring managers decide who they want in their network design and implementation team.

Cisco offers varied badges to help professionals be effective and recognizable in their niche. And one of those options is the CCNP Enterprise. From this post, you’ll know all the general details of this badge and its concentration exam 300-430 but firstly let’s find out why is it beneficial to choose Cisco as a vendor.


Why Opt for Cisco Certifications?

Cisco holds an honored position among the world leaders in IT providing its own high-quality networking and cybersecurity solutions. Over the past years, it has also developed several training programs and certifications to pass on the knowledge and skills in utilizing and implementing their services to professionals. And if you are accredited by a body that has been engaged in presenting cutting-edge networking products and services and has earned a reputation for it, then you will have the upper-hand in the job market.


The certifications have been split into various categories such as technology and level of expertise so there is space for individuals to start and develop their skills to top-notch levels. Also, Cisco offers plenty of official resources such as courses and virtual-labs for training hence you will be equipped with all the essentials required to excel not only in the exams but also in your job responsibilities.


The CCNP Enterprise

When it comes to Enterprise networking the CCNP Enterprise is one of the best credentials you can achieve to portray your expertise in the field. With the recent update, it is no longer mandatory to acquire an associate certification before applying hence you can fast-track into the professional world. The feature that stands out in the CCNP Enterprise badge is the fact that it is truly customizable to your needs. This is because you should pass two exams to earn it. And while the first one is common for all the candidates (350-401 by code) and checks the knowledge of core enterprise technologies, the second is the one which you can choose from 6 variants covering several specializations. They are:

  • 300-410 ENARSI (implementation of advanced Cisco services and routing)
  • 300-415 ENSDWI (implementation of SD-WAN)
  • 300-420 ENSLD (Enterprise networks design)
  • 300-425 ENWLSD (designing of wireless networks)
  • 300-430 ENWLSI (implementing wireless networks)
  • 300-435 ENAUTO (ENAUI) (automation for enterprise solutions)

300-430 ENWLSI exam is the key topic of this article. It focuses on validating skills required to successfully implement wireless networks and it will increase your chances to be employed in this area that is in high demand now.


Is the 300-430 Exam Right For me?

The Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (ENWLSI) exam is specifically designed to meet the industrial requirements of the following job roles:

  • Wireless network engineers
  • Sales engineers
  • Network designers

Even though there are no formal pre-requisites you need to fulfill to apply for the ENWLSI, it is highly recommended that you have basic knowledge in networks, wireless networks, and routing and switching. So, if you are confident that you have a solid foundation and like to pursue a career in the wireless networking field the ENWLSI specialization would do wonders.Let’s explore the details of 300-430 test to help you see what particular knowledge and skills you need to obtain to become certified.


All About 300-430 ENWLSI

300-430 exam lasts 90 minutes and you need to pass it along with 350-401 to become the CCNP Enterprise certified professional. The test will contain questions of various formats such as multiple-choice, drag & drop, fill-in-the-blank, and simulation. For more information, you can look up the sample questions page on the official website.

Regarding the domains covered, 300-430 will assess your knowledge surrounding the following objectives:

  • FlexConnect
  • QoS
  • Multicast
  • Advanced location services
  • Security for client connectivity
  • Monitoring
  • Device hardening

Candidates that have completed the exam will receive a score report including a quantitative analysis of their performance in the different exam sections. Cisco refrains from publishing a passing score as it is subject to change without notice.

The test 300-430 like all other professional-level exams by Cisco will be valid for 3 years from the date passed.At the same time, Cisco has placed a convenient Continuing Education program that provides flexible options for recertifying. Find out more about the program and other important information on the Exam Policies page.


Still, the need for recertification is not coming soon so now your goal is to pass the exam. And after checking the vendor’s website, it’s high time to find supplementary reliable prep material.

How Effective are Exam Dumps?

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Wireless networking is a field that is advancing by the day. New technologies and infrastructure are developed to maximize performance and deliver a great user experience. To join this sphere, you can earn the CCNP Enterprise certification bypassing 350-401 and 300-430 exams that will project you to a stage of golden opportunities. Exam dumps by Examsnap are a smart way to prepare for 300-430 assessment practicing in the exam simulation available through the VCE software. If you use such great resources and put in the dedication you will undoubtedly achieve great value for your efforts.