The basis of promotion on YouTube is not only the ability to shoot quality videos. Inappropriate keyword selection for video tags, titles, and descriptions results in a loss of 80 percent of visitors. You also have to create animated logo online for your channel to be visually pleasant. This is the reason for the failure of most small YouTube channels – and in this article, we will explain the main priorities for keyword promotion.

Video is becoming increasingly important for selling your products and services. If you are seriously concerned about the growth of the company, then you can not do without such content.

You will discover startling information regarding the commercial videos in this part. They will inspire you to produce more of this kind of material. Video marketing used to be considered a fashionable accessory to increase the reach of the audience on the Internet, but now it has become an integral part of Internet promotion.

People like to watch videos. Using popular videos, you can sell goods or services. According to forecasts made by Cisco in a 2016 study, the video would account for 80% of all customer traffic by 2020. And as we can see, it is a reality now, in 2022.

As video views grow steadily, so does its impact on online shopping. A recent Brightcove study found that:

  • following viewing the branded video on social networks, 46% of viewers made a purchase; 
  • 32% of respondents had second thoughts about making a purchase;
  • 81 percent of respondents acknowledged that they interact with brands on social media;
  • 43 percent of them said that they prefer to do so through viewing videos that brands publish there;
  • video content is the favorite type of branded content on social media, according to 31% of respondents.

The most popular medium for submitting videos online is YouTube. How do you feel about this social network’s current statistics:

  • users from 56 countries will post videos in 61 languages;
  • site audience – 1 billion unique visitors;
  • 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute;
  • 1 billion views from mobile devices are gained daily;
  • about 6 billion hours of video are viewed each month.

Stunning numbers, right?

It is foolish not to use such a powerful resource to promote your blog or company. Most YouTube users are actively involved in the development of social networks, constantly watching new videos.

They research anything, from how to randomly open a locked door to how to create a Facebook marketing campaign. This strategy may help you successfully sell your product or service on YouTube and in search engine results.

Video optimization for YouTube

YouTube is a reputable online video search engine. The site’s ranking algorithms are used to choose the videos that best match the user’s search. You should often upload new material if you want to get 10k YouTube subscribers to your channel and have your videos show up at the top of YouTube. This social network’s users like watching fresh videos!

During the ranking, the first positions are received by recently published videos, with which many actions were taken by users (liked, saved, or sent to friends). Video viewing time is one of the key factors that determine YouTube’s position. The system seeks to offer users content that most viewers like. Such videos are not stopped at the fifth second; they are viewed all the way through.

Also, to the user, YouTube evaluates the descriptions of the videos made by the channel owner. This means that in many respects the rating of the video depends on you. How you optimize your content within the first 48-72 hours after publication directly affects its success and position.

If you do everything right, the video will immediately get to the TOP of the request. Pay attention to optimization so as not to make mistakes and drown in a sea of ​​competitors.

Importance of Metadata

Four tags are used to represent metadata on YouTube:

  • description;
  • tags are keys;
  • title;
  • video announcements with annotations.

By adding metadata, you may make your video stand out from similar ones. They claim that a search algorithm will locate your movie. To increase the visibility of the content, you should pay maximum attention to filling in metadata.

Here are some design tips to help users find you faster:

Preliminary analysis of competitors. Before you create a new video on a particular topic, you should see what others have posted. The best time to optimize a video for search engine promotion is long before it is recorded.

Take note of these videos’ popularity, viewership numbers, and meta-tag usage. Analyze the information gathered to provide better content across the board.

Before clicking the download button, make tags, a title, a description, and an announcement for your video. You will surely benefit from knowing this information.

It will demonstrate how to select a compelling title, research the competition, determine the ideal length for the title and description, make a timetable, include links to relevant pages and channel-related comments, among other things.

YouTube Tags: Analysis

While looking for YouTube keywords, everyone wants to find questions that will enhance attention to their channel. The YouTube network is the ideal location for this, although standard tools like Google Search Console, SEMrush, Wordstat, SEOProfiler, Moz, and others may also be used to look for keys.

Serpstat is among the most practical keyword search tools for YouTube channel.

You can only use a fixed amount of tags on YouTube to group your video into a certain category for important searches. You may use more than just words when describing the subject of your film; you can also use phrases. Don’t forget to include in the number of tags words that refer to a broader concept related to your topic.

Keep in mind that unless you have the express consent of the copyright owner, you should not utilize brand names or other people’s work. YouTube can recognize the semantics of your tags.

The only growing in popularity is video marketing. To be head and shoulders above the competition tomorrow, start studying the YouTube social network’s algorithms now.