Whether you’re on your first date, or the third, there’s something inherently exciting and nerve-wracking about going out to meet the Potential Love of Your Life! With butterflies in your stomach and a heady adrenaline buzz in your head, it can be a bit hard to think straight and pick the right place for a date.

If you related to that sentiment, don’t worry! We have got you covered with our amazing date night ideas in New Jersey!

Go out for a game of pool!

Go out for a-game of pool! on date nightsource

A great way to make a date successful is by adding an activity to it.

Whether it’s a game of pool or roller skating, the activity takes all the space that would normally be occupied by an awkward silence or pragmatic pauses! It will help you relax around each other and open up, which is why it’s a great way to facilitate the harrowing process of getting to know each other!

Share an exciting meal!

Share an exciting meal! on date nightSource

If you’re someone who fancies themselves a foodie, then this is a pretty great idea for a date because let’s face it, if your date hates food and thinks salad is dinner, you may have to rethink a few things!
Though an old-school idea, nothing brings two people closer than sharing a lovely meal together.

A great way to make sure that your dinner date comes with a twist is by booking a table on the River Lady restaurant.

Imagine being on a party cruise in Tulum, sharing a scrumptious meal to the sounds of the river rushing around you. It will be a great experience for both of you, and you’ll definitely be talking about it for days!

Catch an exciting live performance at the Hopewell Theatre!

Almost everyone in the world loves to laugh and nothing’s a better date night idea in New Jersey than watching a standup comedy show at the Hopewell Theatre.

If comedy isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Being among some of the best live music venues in NJ, you can catch a live music performance, an old movie screening, or even an interesting play at this theater!

Sharing this experience will guarantee one thing – even if your date seems boring, the night itself won’t be! Also, you’ll have a shared experience to talk about later!

Go out for a few drinks!

Go out for a few drinks!source

Here’s another way to make sure that your date night goes off well – go to a bar and have some drinks.

Dancing is a great way to open up to someone so pick a bar that you know plays great music. If that’s not really your scene, you should pick a lounge that plays soft music. This way, even though the ambience is romantic, you can still actually hear each other and bond over the things you like.

Just make sure that the place you go to offers food, as not all bars do!

White Star Bar is a great spot to try out, and not just because they offer some of the best wings in town! Their selection of homemade craft beers is to die for and their rustic décor makes the place ideal for a date. If you’re picturing a classic bar with a dart board though, then you’d be better off at the Lucky 7 Tavern.

Go to the library!

 Go to the library! on date nightSource

This is the perfect date for introverts.

Go to a library and spend some time talking about your favourite literature pieces. Bond over poetry and books and enjoy decoding your favourite character’s motivations and thoughts. This is a great way to see whether you and your date have something in common.

Go and Paint it out

Try a session at a paint and sip studio like Pinot & Picasso. You’ll have a blast, get to know your partner better, and get an artwork that you created to take home as a memory from the night.


You just cannot go wrong with these date night ideas in New Jersey. Make sure that you pick places that you actually like, so that you don’t have to worry about whether the food will be good, while you’re already worrying about the date itself!