Today I’m going to talk about a straightforward way to save a lot of time when working on photos. Specifically, we’re going to talk about such a popular task as removing an object from a photo in Photoshop. With this method of removal, we still have a little bit of post-processing of the background, but it is often already a trifle. This method is better suited for photos with uncomplicated backgrounds and objects on them. You can also use a handy tool, namely content-aware fill. If you want to improve your knowledge of content aware in Photoshop, you can read about it on the Skylum blog.

How to remove unnecessary items from a photo?

Open the photo in the program, and select the Lasso tool or another selection tool. Draw around the object or objects in the photo that you want to remove, thereby highlighting it or them. Accuracy in this action is not important. Then right-click on the image and choose “Fill” from the pop-up menu. 

In the window that appears, set the following parameters:

  • Content: taking into account the content;
  • Set the checkbox: color adaptation (try it with and without this option, the result will be different);
  • Mode: normal;
  • Opacity: 100%.
  • Press OK, thereby replacing our object with a suitable background area. Deselect by pressing Ctrl+D;
  • To remove this transition and refine the background to perfection, use the stamp tool;
  • Select the S stamp;
  • Set the soft brush;
  • We choose the place where we want to copy the texture and click on it with the mouse holding down the alt key;
  • Slide the transition, thereby removing it.

This method is not the only one, unfortunately not always suitable, because the background texture can be much more complex. It can be used as a base for removing an object and then refining it.

A smudge or a speck is one thing, but a whole object is another. But this can also be fixed. The first steps are the same as in the previous case. Then:

  • Open the photo, enlarge the desired part of the image, and select the object with the lasso. Then also press “Delete” and set it to “Include Content”;
  • To remove the selection, use the Ctrl+D key combination; 
  • If some parts of the object are still left, you can remove them with a brush; 
  • Magnify the picture to 400% so that you can see the pixels, then choose the “Dipstick” tool. 
  • Click on the area with the appropriate color. 
  • Next, select the brush and gently paint over the unnecessary areas. Note that this method works only on small objects. 

To remove larger objects, you can use “Stamp”. With the tool selected, set “Opacity” and “Pressure” to 100%. Choose a shape with blurred edges, so that the changes made are as unnoticeable as possible. Magnify the desired area of the image. Press Alt on the keyboard to copy the background area, and then start to paint over the object. If the background is heterogeneous, press Alt and copy the necessary parts of the background. Choose the right diameter of the stamp, it should not be very large. If done carefully enough, the changes will be completely unnoticeable. 

How to remove a person from the picture?

Let’s move on to a more complicated case. Let’s see how to remove a person from a photo in Photoshop. To do this, you can use the “Stamp” tool you’re already familiar with, or you can apply a fill.

First, select the person or a part of him (depending on the background) and click “Fill (fill)”, in the window that appears, select the item “Include Content”. After that, Photoshop will fill the area you marked with pixels close in color to the neighboring ones. If the background is not completely uniform, you can tweak some areas with a stamp or brush. With such a combination of tools, you can achieve great results even on complex backgrounds. 

The main thing is to work in pixel mode and utilize a small brush diameter. It’s a delicate job, but the result is worth it. 

How to remove a caption?

Now let’s figure out how to remove the caption from a picture in Photoshop. Many users often look for an answer to this question. This problem can be solved with the help of two tools: “Pipette” and “Brush”. Zoom in on a part of the picture with the unnecessary inscription, select the background color with the eyedropper, and then paint over the letters with the brush. To make the changes as unnoticeable as possible, work in pixel mode, adjusting the brush diameter, transparency, and background color. The simplest option is to trim the image elementarily. Select the Crop tool and select the picture so that the unwanted lettering stays clearly behind the selection line. This is how you can get rid of unnecessary objects in a photo. Now you can make any photo perfect on your own.


Even experienced photographers sometimes need to remove unnecessary objects from a photo. What to say about beginners! While the first ones can do it in Photoshop in a couple of minutes, for beginners it can take hours. Quality results are never guaranteed. Thus, there are many ways to remove unnecessary subject matter from a photo.  With the help of our tips, you can remove any unwanted object from the photo and make a masterpiece out of your picture!