In her rather amazing TED Talk, Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg provides an expose on the reasons there are few women at the top of their profession. This cuts across the different industries – government, politics, business, economy etc. She believes that female education reveal the link between what women have been taught, from the roots, and their present role in the workforce.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation co-founder, Bill Gates, in his 2018 Annual Letter contributes to this thinking by describing how in meetings, partners turn to him – as the male, rather than co-founder, Melinda Gates, for decision-making.

From the above, it is obvious that education and information females are taught, at the beginning, play an important part in how they see themselves and the role they take on, in their careers.

Herein lies the importance of female education. The points below identify the central role education could play to gender equality and individual inspiration among females.

Education represents freedom

The access to higher education would afford females the ability to access better job opportunities as well as being able to choose better pay packages.  A study by the University of Ottawa provides statistics on the relationship between education level and career opportunities. It reveals that the higher the educational level, the higher opportunities to advance and the rise in earnings. With income being one of the important items to deciding living arrangement, lifestyle, and comfort, women with higher education would have the opportunity to choose what they want. It also means that more women might even be seen in the C-suite. If you’re a woman involved in healthcare, an online msn can help you accelerate in your career path.

Technology access and contribution

Laptop Magazine Editor, Sherri Smith is a rare breed – as one of the female tech reviewers in a male-dominated industry. Reviewing products like the Oculus rift, the Dell alienware, and others, Sherri exhibits expertise and panache that attracts a loyal following.

Sherri has been religiously following technology since childhood, which corresponded to a job in the tech industry.

Similarly, girl’s education would enable females to not only have access to trending technology, but would also empower them to bring up innovative ideas. Recent introduction in education like plagiarism checkers, grammar check uk online and e-learning tools are simple examples of what access to technology can bring up.

More improved marriages and childbearing

The World Bank observes that in societies where females are poorly educated, they tend to marry earlier and give birth sooner, compared to their educated peers. This resulted in underdevelopment, a lower level of lifestyle, and marked poverty throughout the female’s life.

A research carried out, using Nigeria as a case study, showed that by increasing female education by an additional year, early childbearing reduced to 0.26 births. The research also showed that educated females are less likely to experience domestic violence in marriage.

Women who are educated, tend to marry later, have fewer children, provide better care and living requirements for their kids, and experience an overall improvement in lifestyle.

Higher standard of living for the kids and family

From all the information above, it shows that the higher a woman is educated, the higher the income she earns. The higher income usually means a better life for the children and family members. The higher income and improved child and family care is a strong determinant for one family that would be leaving poverty, in the long term, raising the overall standard of living for everyone.

Contribution to Community

Contribution to their communities and their societies would be a given if more females are educated, the World Bank posits. This is because through getting skills in education, girls and women have the knowledge and confidence to contribute meaningfully, through finance, politics and expertise.

Melinda Gates supports this point that the more empowered women and girls are, the stronger their communities would be. In agreement with Sandberg, if more women are going to be aiming for the top, education would have to be the driving force.