Break-ups can be challenging, and some are far harsher than others. And most of us have endured a tough break-up at one point or another, the kind that leaves you curled up on the sofa for days on end, wondering if you’ll ever find someone that’ll make it all worth it. Fortunately, even the hardest break-up blues have an expiry date. And some say the emotional rollercoaster of a break-up has a half-life that is generally half the length of the relationship. While there is no actual evidence to back that suggestion, we can all agree that break-up pains don’t last forever.

So, if you have been left devastated after a break-up, your priority is likely finding ways to get back your confidence that was broken during the relationship and the break-up. Of course, you want to regain your confidence as fast as possible. Nobody wants to be held victim by the specifics of their failed relationship. So, to help you relearn your self-worth, we have listed some unique ways for you to move on, start loving yourself again, and rebuild your confidence.

Try Casual Dating

After a brutal break-up, a serious relationship is likely out of the question for several logical reasons. However, casual dating and meeting new people can help boost your confidence. Because there are tons of dating apps and platforms out there specifically for people searching for casual sex around Sydney and numerous other areas, you will be able to find others who aren’t looking for serious commitments. If casual sex isn’t the best option for you, you can also consider using dating platforms only to chat with interested individuals to boost your confidence after the break-up. 

You don’t have to jump into a serious relationship again right off the bat, and doing so wouldn’t be the best idea either, as you are still healing from your last relationship. Instead, meeting new people and considering casual socializing is a great way to regain your confidence and, at the very least, ensure you can get your mind off of the specifics of the break-up, so they don’t keep replaying in your mind. 

Consider A Sabbatical

A sabbatical is, by definition, a break from work. However, these breaks are often for spiritual reasons, and the results can be life-changing. Taking some time off from your everyday chaotic or mundane life can help you reach various realizations and recenter yourself. With that said, a weekend getaway is not long enough to be considered a sabbatical, and some employers will provide a general average of six months of sabbatical leave. However, you should check with your employer first and assess your employment contract before making the decision. 

During your sabbatical, you could travel the world, stay home, or visit a relative. Where you spend your time is not as relevant as how you spend your time during this type of leave. With that said, most people who opt for sabbatical leave often decide to travel with their time. If you have the funds available to do so, it will be a rewarding decision to travel. You could finally take that lengthy dream vacation you have been thinking about for so long.

Recreate Yourself

Recreating yourself could be as simple as a shopping trip that results in a makeover of your current personal style. It could also be as quick as a new hairstyle or hair color. There are so many different ways to recreate yourself, and the results will generally be quite enriching. As the old and well-known saying goes, “a change is as good as a holiday.” So it could take a few minor changes to have you feeling more confident after enduring a heartbreak. 

What’s more, taking on even small projects to recreate yourself will prove to be a lot of fun, whether you are changing your hair color at home or shopping for an entirely new wardrobe. You also have the option of then donating your old wardrobe to a charity or someone in need; lending a positive hand will always help lift your spirits.

Practice Self-Care Often

When you feel overwhelmed with emotions and the specifics of the relationship and the break-up seem to take over, you should prioritize self-care. Self-care isn’t only about face masks and spa days, as it can be as simple as enjoying a good book you’ve wanted to read for quite a while. Rewarding yourself with an action that will leave you feeling relaxed is what defines self-care. 

While you are deciding which self-care practices to include in your weekly schedule, you should consider activities that will leave you feeling as though you have rewarded yourself. Choosing relaxing self-care practices can be as simple as lavender aromatherapy, indulging in a good glass of vintage wine, or even relaxing in a warm bubble bath for a while. The options are endless.

Love Yourself Again

Most importantly, the best thing that you can do after a harsh break-up is learning to love yourself again. Regardless of the specifics of the relationship or the break-up, you will need to love yourself to overcome the rollercoaster of emotions and move forward with your life. There are tons of mantras that you can repeat daily to reinstil your love for yourself and regain your self-confidence. 

Getting through the emotions of a painful break-up will be a challenge. And you will need to give yourself time to heal. Even though you want to get back to your confident self again, it is crucial to give yourself time to heal. Suppose the emotions of the situations or the specifics of the relationship are extreme, and you feel unable to patch together your self-confidence again. In that case, you can consider a few professional therapy sessions. Choosing professional help does not mean you are failing, as you may be dealing with pain that only a professional can decipher. What’s more, professional therapy will also benefit your ability to understand the relationship dynamic, and you may even realize that you are better off.