Ending a long-term relationship might be terrifying. You suddenly have a lot of free time, and it feels like you will never have the same level of intimacy with anyone again.

Moreover, some people can hardly cope with a breakup, and as a result, they get physical symptoms like chest pain, muscle aches, and headaches. If you keep focusing on the negative side effects of a bad breakup, you will not see how awesome it is to be single.

Right now, you might not be your best self due to a drop in the production of serotonin and dopamine, neurotransmitters associated with feelings of happiness. It’s a big change for your brain, and only you can help yourself in this situation. 

You need to find a new source of dopamine in order to move on. It can be a gym session, a trip, shopping, or all combined. While you are looking for things that will make you feel better, check out the list of top reasons why being newly single is one of the greatest experiences:

You can Find Your Inner Peace

You used to spend a lot of time and energy trying to understand your partner and their intentions. Guess what. You don’t have to do it anymore after a breakup. You can finally focus on your needs and dreams. It’s not a selfish act, but a way to make peace with yourself. 

Once you take care of yourself, you will be able to enjoy life on a deeper level. To find inner peace, you will have to build a new, healthy routine. Now, you can improve your diet, exercise more, start meditating, and reading instead of watching mindless shows. These little steps will help you improve your psychological well-being and achieve long-term goals.

Life is easy when you get rid of unnecessary and make your own rules. 

You can Date other People

Another great thing about being single is a chance to go on dates with new people. It doesn’t mean you need to jump into a new relationship straight away. Dating is exciting; it can help boost your self-esteem, get to know people from different social circles, and discover your true sexual nature. According to experts from OMG Kinky, there are ways to embrace your sexuality while being single. When dating new people, you can note what turns you on and learn how to love your body. You can discover your sexual identity by playing with sex toys and trying new places, either solo or with your date. 

You can Become Independent

Most probably, you were relying on your partner for certain things. Was she ironing your shirts? Was he changing bulbs in your apartment? 

Right after a breakup, you will feel like something is missing but look at this situation from a different angle. You can finally become independent and do it all on your own

Play some music and iron your shirts finally. Open YouTube and find a tutorial to learn how to change bulbs. How many nights can you spend in darkness? 

Living on your own is not that difficult; it’s a sort of achievement, especially when you are open to gaining new skills. Moreover, you will have full control over your time and money. It’s called freedom. Enjoy!

You can Turn Your Life Upside Down

If you want to travel the world, switch jobs, and move to a different city, do it while being single. You will not have to ask your partner’s opinion or wait for their approval. At this point, you can chase your wildest dreams without feeling guilty.

No idea what to do with your life? Start with the basic thing – create a bucket list. For some people, it can be a real challenge. If you don’t have any long-term plans already, write down everything that comes to your mind:

Try surfing

Talk to a stranger on a train

Go horse riding 

Meet all your Facebook friends

It will help you realize that your life is only about to start. Also, turning your life upside down while gaining all these new experiences will give you a sense of purpose. 

You can Expand Your Social Circle

Since you have more free time now, you can spend it with your friends and family. Sometimes people in long-term relationships forget the importance of maintaining a strong social circle. Why call a friend if you can do literally everything with your partner?

It’s not a healthy approach because we need different people in our life in order to feel complete. If you also neglected your old friends while being in a relationship, start all over again. You can either let them know how much you missed them or build a new social circle. 

The second option is not the easiest for adults because you can’t make friends in one day. However, you can meet new people, open up and let them in. According to studies, socializing will not only improve your mental and physical health, but it will also increase your life expectancy. 

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there is no time to feel miserable after a breakup. Being single is not a torture, but an exciting experience that you will never forget. Your life has just begun, take the most out of it: meet new people, gain experiences, and don’t be afraid to take risks. It’s a journey that you need to take alone in order to find yourself. Somewhere, on the way, you will meet a stranger who will win your heart over, but before it happens, enjoy your season of singleness.