College days! The words are enough to set your head back with the flash of memories and lit your eyes up. Nothing is more amusing than discussing the holy shit that happened during the college days. Here we present some of the best things that most of us did and happened in our college life.

1. Once become friends in College, they will never leave you alone.

They were there when you flunked, when you were in relationship, when you broke up, when you graduated and when you got a job. They were there. Always. College friends are the one who will accompany you to the loo as well.



2. Economics Lecture?? Time for Power Nap

After all sleeping hours that is being utilized watching matches and movies need to be compensated.


3. Sitting in lectures was the biggest pain. That too for a long span.

Two lectures at a stretch! Is sitting for one boring lecture was a less painful?


4. And then there are some of our friends who hardly sat in lectures.

You can never forget that one face whom you have always seen in college campus but never in class. It was not beneficial as well, who understood what teachers taught.


5. Google was our teacher!!

Things like our graduation wouldn’t ever happened if there was not Google.


6. One “dabba” and a dozen to hop on.

When most of your friend dwells in hostel they left no chance to have a bite from “Ghar Ka Khana” (Home made food). They will eat anything even if there is no salt and more chillies. Bhuke the saale!! (They were always hungry)



7. Only person with relationship status as a Single was a pain.

While every friend of yours was busy in their relationship, you was just praying to get one. Staying single at that time was painful. Very painful.


8. He is hitting on you!!

Though it was your friend who was about to get laid, but you were equally excited.

9. The ultimate late comers.

Reducing the suffering and bearings for X rays to the power Y of lectures. It was in mathematics if you remember.



10. The biggest fear, What after College?

With just one semester left in your graduation, still you had no clue what you are going to do next.


11. Full time Vellapanti (Hangout)

Excursion becomes part of your life and you left not a single street to hang out.

12. College life MANTRA – Work less party harder.

Saturday nights is what we always wait for. And partying with bestie had altogether different fun.


13. Assignments Completion – A mission over submission.

After effects of all night partying.


14. Inspite all, you found your hidden talent in College.



15. That shocking moment.

Yeah you are right, lets not recollect it again.

16. Convocation – A pride day!

Lastly, though only you knew how you get through, a million dollar smile of pride on your parent’s face is all that counts.


Though the list is endless but we would like to stop ourselves at number 16. Because it was the age we entered college and we wished we never grew.