On this friendship day, tell your friends when you miss them the most. As such, we miss them every single day, especially, if they are far away. And with time, we get too busy into building our lives and career that we don’t get time to catch up. But still, even at the thought of that friend, mind gushes with memories, going back all the way to the times spent together. Missing all the crazy stuff, adventures, plans and epic failures, bucket lists, teasing and what not. To sum up all, we miss them so much because they add life to our days. They can make you feel stupid at the same time they can make you feel very special.

This friendship day, we asked peeps to tell us about those moments when they miss their best friends the most. And here are best of those moments when they miss their friends the most.

When you are stuck with a wrong date

There are situations when you have no idea how to get through. And that’s when your bff comes to rescue.

dating wrong guy friends


Instant getaway plans

At times you’re all bored and feel like doing nothing. Then there is a thing called “telepathy” between best friends which enables at the right time. And your friend is intrigued to make instant getaway plans.


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Drunk and sunk

In tears or cheers, your best friend is always up to accompany you.

drinking with friends on friendship day

Shopping Spree

Shopping is definitely one of the best ways to spend time with your best girlfriends. Trying out fabulous outfits one after another, all while dishing out juicy gossip 😉

shopping with friends on friendship day


Checking out random guys

That’s right. Girls check out guys just for fun.

checking out guys friends on friendship day

This friendship day, make plans, get together, click selfies (Best Friend Photography Ideas ) and make some more unforgettable memories.

Share it with your friends and let them know how much you miss them.