Every university student’s desire is to have straight A’s. But to achieve this, you have to overcome the do my homework challenge and maintain a balanced academic life.

However, many students believe that hanging out with friends can cause poor grades. So, they spend all their time reading and starve their social life.

But wait a minute; haven’t you encountered students who hang out with friends and still get high grades? It happens a lot, and you too can experience such. After all the time spent in college is the memorable one. You just need to create the right balance.

Read to know how you can hang out with friends and still get the grades you have in mind.

Make that plan work

Having a plan will make it much easier for you to manage all your activities. But you are going to need strong discipline to make your plans work. However, some students prefer planning their schedules for the day, daily. It’s not a bad idea anyway.

But if you would like to draft yours daily, endeavor to wake up very early in the morning before the day’s work begins. In this case, you will have enough time to think about academic work and other activities you may likely have for the day and plan well.

On the other hand, when drafting your plans, always give room for extracurricular activities. You should not starve your social life because you want straight A’s. But then, your academic work should come first before anything. So, never compromise on that.

In addition to your daily plan, you can create a long-term plan. In that plan, you can write down deadlines for various projects, test and exam dates, upcoming school and family events, among others. Also, revisit your plans every day or week so you won’t miss out on anything.

Take your homework seriously

How you treat your homework and tests will determine your grades in school in no small extent. If you are serious with them, you might be able to get the high grades you seek. But if the reverse is the case, then it might be a bit difficult. The point is if you score high in tests and other things used for continuous assessment, then you can get your high grades with little effort during your exam.

You should also finish your homework on time and do it right. If you have problems understanding any question or have doubts about any specific topic, don’t be afraid to ask your professors. Establishing a strong teacher-student relationship will also benefit your academic life.

Cherish your reading time

If you are someone that assimilates faster and better when reading in a quiet place, then that’s where you should always go. You can go to the library or choose a calm spot on campus.

The point is, you need to make every minute you spend to read your books count. You should also cover as much as you can. Another reason to study in a quiet place where your friends can’t find you is to avoid distractions. That way, you can even cover more pages or have a relaxed mind when reading.

Hang out with the right people

The type of friends you associate with can also determine if you will maintain high-grades in school or not. If you hang out with people who have the same aim as you, you might get the motivation you seek to pursue your academic goals.

But then, that does not mean that hanging out with people who aren’t interested in getting high grades will prevent you from reaching your academic goals. All you need is discipline. If you have firm control over your actions, you will likely scale through. But it might take a lot to overcome the urge to always hang out with some friends. Have that in mind too.

So, if you discover that your new friends are making it difficult for you to adhere to your plans, then it’s time to move on.


According to an AssignmentGeek expert, it’s possible for a student to hang out and achieve high grades in the university. The most important thing is having strong discipline. You should also learn to prioritize. Know when to say no and yes to the demands of your friends. In addition to that, you should also put in the work. Read when necessary and take your homework seriously too.