Breakup!! Involve lots of emotion. It’s always difficult to handle a breakup and especially when you have been too much for each other. All the memories start playing hide and seek and the video clip of happy moments you shared keep on rolling in your mind and you miss him again. Honey! If you guys can’t be back together then it’s better to move on. It’s better to take your time out, pamper yourself and enjoy your singlehood instead. There are lots of things that you must do after your breakup but it is also important to know things that should not be done.


1. Stop Talking To Your Ex

The more you’ll talk to him, the more you will feel to be with him or there might be a situation where you will start blaming yourself for no reason. It’s better to block him from everywhere, because sweetheart, I bet, you won’t able to ignore him when he will text you. And things would mess up again.

Stop talking to your Ex


2. Stop Stalking Him

Stop acting as an investigation officer and avoid stalking him on social media. Questioning your mutual friends or his family members about his wellbeing will put you in more depression. You won’t be able to see him sad and neither will you love to see him happy or dating someone else. It’s better to stay away.

Stop Stalking him


3. Do Not Ignore Your Career

The worst thing you can do is sit and cry, ignoring your studies or avoid going to an office or not focusing on your work. Do not take a chance with your career, because it’s the only thing that will be with you FOREVER. Or else I would say, start building a strong relationship with your career. It will surely help you to forget your Ex and will keep you busy and happy.

Do not ignore your Career


4. Say “NO” To Sad Music

OMG! Most of the people start listening to sad music during this period and they easily relate themselves to those. THIS SONG MAN… THIS SONG is actually made for me types. So go for cool and rocking music instead and cheer up. You are not only one who is going through this. Shit happens with everyone.

Say NO to sad music


5. Never Get Involved in Another Relationship Immediately

After a breakup, you should not involve with anyone else immediately. People will care for you, give their shoulder to you, and you might like it. But sweetheart that doesn’t mean you are ready to get hooked up again. So, go slow and give yourself some time to come out of it.

No relationship


6. Avoid Watching Romantic Movies.

Hahaha! Here you go… watching romantic movies might remind you all the cozy moments you shared with your ex. You won’t be able to come over him. So it’s best to avoid it.

Avoid watching romantic movies after breakup


7. Avoid Facing Him in Parties or Get-Togethers

FLASHBACK! Yes seeing him will bring all the memories back. Also, it will spoil all your till now efforts of forgetting him. Avoid going in such parties and get-togethers.

Avoid facing him in Parties after breakup


8. Start Writing And Tear The Page

Whatever you want to say him, write it on a paper or diary but make sure you won’t send him the same. After writing, do destroy the same. There is no sense in sending him what you feel because he is not going to understand the same, he might take it in a wrong way.

Start Writing and tear the page After breakup


Hope this article is helpful to you. If we missed out something then do mention in the comment section.