When you prefer to customize everything from wedding cards to the wedding dress on your D-day to make it uniquely yours then why not your wedding cake? Wedding Cake should be such that it says something about you, your likes, your style, your love, or anything that is significant about both of you. So, rather than keeping the sweet confection completely traditional opt for the unique and crazy-cool wedding cake and amaze your guests at the ceremony. Unfortunately, you can’t just whip up a wedding cake in an Instant Pot

1. This mathematical love wedding cake is a great idea for the one who associates much with numbers and logic!

Logical love wedding cake

2. Love for Indian tradition is so beautifully reflected by this Indian Elephant structured cake.

Indian Elephant Cake

3. For the wanderlust duo, ready to explore the beautiful and exciting places around the world together.

Travel theme wedding cake

4. This one is for crazy Batman fans!

Batman wedding cake

Half Batman Wedding Cake

5. The beautiful cake representing the bride and groom itself!

Bride and Groom wedding cake

6. No wedding cake can represent your fun filled beach wedding than this!

Cake for beach wedding

7. For the budding Cinderella bride, castle wedding cakes symbolize the culmination of fairy tale dream of finding her own Prince Charming.

Castle wedding cake

8. This one is utterly beautiful wedding cake idea, a Chandelier!

Chandelier wedding cake

9. This cute cake with little hearts is totally cool and romantic!

Cute hearts wedding cake

10. Quote is an old thing. Write your story on your wedding cake, nothing can make it more unique!

Descriptive wedding cake

11. How about fairy tale wedding cake for your dream wedding!

Fairy Tale Wedding Cake

12. Or the one which shows the fun and lively chemistry of the happy young vivacious couple.

Funny wedding cake

13. Who says cup cakes can’t be shared. This one is huge enough to share with your partner as well as all the lovely guests at your big day.

Huge Wedding Cup Cake

14. Again a fairytale inspired cake for the princess looking for her prince charming who appears as a frog prince!

Key hole with a frog prince

15. This wedding cake is indeed a key to the groom’s heart!

Love.locks and key wedding cake

16. Simple yet classy for the suave couple!

Mr and Mrs Wedding Cake with a rose

17. This spectacular wedding cake for the Nerd nupitals will definitely make their guests gaze in awe!

Nerdy on the Inside Wedding Cake

18. A stack of pillows wedding cake is perfect for those creative couple who love out of the box ideas.

Pillows Wedding Cake

19. Indeed a cute idea of wedding cake with owl toppers for the rustic winter wedding.

Resting owls wedding cake

20. Or go for this yet another beautiful rustic wedding cake for the fall.

Rustic fall inspired wedding cake


21. Stained glass wedding cakes are incredible, if you’re looking for a unique wedding-cake design that will extremely impress your guests.

Stained glass wedding cake

22. For the trending vintage wedding theme of Victorian era, Steampunk wedding cake is a sure hit with decorations of gear wheels, feathers, beads, clocks, hats, corsets and flowers.

steampunk wedding cake

23. Reveal your love story to the world on your special day through your wedding cake and make it even more special.

Story telling wedding cake

One more beautiful story telling wedding cake for your inspiration.

Story telling wedding cake2


24. A pretty flower wedding cake with your initials in gold looks awesome.

wedding cake with initials

25. Recreating your memories through your wedding cake is a wonderful idea before you start your beautiful life-long journey of togetherness.

wedding cake with photos

26. Some people really want it absolutely unique and this one is just that!

Yes! Thats a wedding cake

If you are planning a lavish wedding or a wedding on a budget, these designs will surely have one for everyone!