chic wedding reception ideas  is the new fad for the wedding reception. A vintage looking reception with feminine flowers and soft drapes can steal any heart. Chic decoration for the wedding reception is elegant, fashionable and in trends.

If you are looking for some awesome chic wedding reception ideas to have a gorgeous wedding, you are in the right place. In this article, I will share some trendy and cool chic decoration ideas to make your wedding reception the talk of the town.

1. Use Silver and Golden Glitter In White Silk Drapes:

Gold and silver are the color of any marriage. They create a royal aura around and add a lavish and magical glow to the whole reception venue. Use the gold or silver glitters on off-white silk drapes and see the magic.

2. Use Soft Pink and White Color Themed Decoration:

Pink is the most feminine color. White is royal and peaceful. The combination of the pink and white theme in the wedding reception matches the wedding dresses of the bride as well. Florist from advises for these types of events to use pink and white roses, silver drapes and some vintage decorative items and enjoy the true chic décor. Pink and white roses always have been a symbol of love from old times till these days.

3. Chalkboard Signage:

Place a chalkboard signage at the entrance or near the bar table. Decorate it with some DIY flowers or spray paint. It will definitely attract the guest attention. You can also attach some paper made butterflies in soft color or some frostings to create a vintage feel.

4. Theme Based Reception:

Although theme based wedding reception is a unique concept, it is definitely a chic. Bride in mermaid wedding dresses, groom in white suits are cool. Decorate the venue in light blue with marine artifacts and guests are in blue, black or white attire will definitely have an everlasting impact on everyone.

5. Earthy or Natural Looks:

If you are an admirer of Boho chic décor, go for natural theme reception idea. Use lots of flower, artificial or DIY waterfalls, stones, and greenery and create a magical land for your wedding reception. You can add some bird figurines or unicorns and swans and let your guest flow in the feel of beautiful nature.

6. Industrial Chic Venue:

Industrial chic venues are gaining popularity for all the right reasons. It is budget friendly. You don’t need to add lots of flowers or other decorative items. Your wedding reception venue has minimal décor and lots of spaces for the guest to enjoy. You can flaunt and dance in wedding dresses without the fear of any dress malfunction.

Not to forget, industrial chic wedding reception décor can break your bank account. Since you are getting the raw space, you need to manage everything on your own and plan a wedding on budget. You can add some furniture, linens, drapes, music system; beautiful lights and you have sorted the lavish reception in a chic style.


Chic theme is one of the most popular wedding reception ideas. No matter what kind of chic theme you chose for your wedding reception; do not forget to match it with your perfect wedding dresses.

Imagine mermaid wedding dresses or long royal gown wedding dresses in pearl white or rose pink color and arrange the whole decoration complimenting the dresses, the whole aura will create an unforgettable chic wedding reception.