Maybe it’s the perfect temperature that makes fall so special. Or the colorful leaves. Or maybe it’s watching your alma mater’s football games.

No matter what it is, there is something about fall that led to your decision to have a fall wedding. So to give you some inspiration, we’ve gathered some fall wedding ideas to make your wedding really blend in with the season.

Incorporate Autumn Maple

If you want to make your wedding colors pop, you can’t go wrong with autumn maple.

BBJ Linen has some insight for us about the autumn maple color. The color brings a feeling of warmth and is “the quintessential fall shade.” It’s not really orange and not exactly red. It’s a lot like the color you see while walking through a forest.

Replace Your Flowers With Fall Foliage

If you want to change things up for your big day, consider replacing your flowers with fall foliage. Not only will it get the guests talking, if the wedding is outside, using fall foliage in your decorations can be a lovely added touch.

Of course, if replacing your wedding flowers with fall foliage isn’t your thing, you can always add a few leaves to your flowers.

Add a touch of warmth

Unlike summer weddings, fall weddings have a reputation for being a little chilly.

Whether your wedding is inside with an outside reception or the entire ceremony is outdoors, add some blankets to your guest’s chairs so guests can feel comfortable and enjoy the evening.

Adding space heaters can enhance the-fall themed atmosphere you’re trying to create if your wedding is outdoors. If your reception is indoors, find a venue that has a fireplace for a cozy touch.

Fall Inspired Food and Drinks

A fall wedding isn’t complete without offering your guests some fall inspired food and drink.

To spice up your drink offerings, consider serving apple cider or pumpkin spiced cocktails. If you’re serving coffee, don’t forget to offer a splash or cinnamon or nutmeg as coffee toppings.

For food, your wedding cake should be at the top of your list. Also, baking a few dozen of your favorite fall treats such as apple or pumpkin pie can hit the spot for guests who have a sweet tooth. Whatever you choose it’s certain the dessert will be a hit! In addition to the pies, set up a donut wall complete with fall-inspired flavors, such as caramel apple donuts.

We hope these ideas help you plan an unforgettable fall wedding.